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Would you like to give a gift that is comforting, full of tenderness and softness? The doe plush is the ideal gift for a baby or an older child. The doe leaves the enchanted world of the forest to accompany the little ones in their dreams and discoveries. It is a whole fairytale world that invites itself into the child’s life.

Why give a doe plush?

The doe is a fascinating animal, and has been since the dawn of time. It is not for nothing that it is found in Greek mythology as well as in Celtic legends and Hindu epics. A wild animal, it symbolises gentleness, benevolence and beauty.

The doe plush is therefore just the thing to comfort children. A feeling of peace and tenderness fills the heart of anyone who looks at these adorable plush toys. They are sure to become a child’s favourite toy. They will be the guarantor of a sleep soothed by wonderful dreams. They will also be the attentive confidants during big sorrows and small worries. Children’s imagination knows no bounds.

The plush doe is certainly a woodland animal, but it is also a fantastic animal. Perhaps there is a good fairy behind it? All stories are allowed. In the visible part of the forest with the skunks and rabbits. But also in the invisible part of the forest, which is populated by elves, fairies, gnomes and other goblins. A whole world opens up to the child.

What child should I give a doe plush to?

Soft toys are a great classic in children’s toys. A transitional object par excellence, they are also interesting for baby’s development. The fact of catching it of exploring it by touching it participates in the development of fine motor skills. The doe plush will satisfy both little boys and girls. A shy child or one who lacks confidence will feel reassured by the doe’s benevolent presence

It is therefore ideal for babies. Especially to help them overcome the famous separation anxiety. In the wild, the doe is very protective of her little fawns. As an attentive mother, she is ready to do anything to defend them and is not short of tricks or courage. It is this quality that emanates from our doe plushies. They give the child a sense of security. As for the more expansive or agitated children, the doe plush will bring them the necessary calm to fall asleep.

Is your older child a nature lover? Then the doe plush will be a perfect illustration for stories or as a decoration on the theme of the forest.

How to choose a deer plush?

It is not always easy to choose the plush from the large choice we offer. If one of our models seems more adapted to newborns, our deer plush are nevertheless designed for all ages. Some models are realistic while others have a design that adds softness and fantasy.

Some of the cuddly toys have mischievously closed eyes, which gives them a very friendly laughing effect. The timeless young fawn Bambi is offered. This cartoon character has been around for generations without ever getting old. Its magical charm still works, it is a delight for both children and adults. We can’t resist cuddling these plush toys. Whatever your choice, there’s a good chance that the doe plush will become the favourite toy of its lucky owner.

How to care for the doe plush

Washing is a must in the life of a plush toy. All of our plush toys are made of quality, durable cotton. They scrupulously meet the required standards. The maintenance is thus without constraints since they can be washed by hand or put in the washing machine. To keep the plush in good condition, we advise you to place it in a pillowcase or in a washing net for machine washing.

Has the plush doe become your child’s best friend? We recommend using a hypoallergenic detergent so that the contact of the baby’s skin with the doe’s fur is very pleasant. Another option is to dry clean by putting the doe plush in a bag with a few spoonfuls of baking soda. Simply shake the bag tightly tied, leave for at least an hour and brush the cuddly toy. Baking soda is a unique ingredient for removing bad odours and reviving colours. It is an ecological and economical solution. All you have to do is convince baby to part with his companion for a while.

Disaster, the plush has a hole? Don’t panic, the cotton material makes it easy to mend.

A quality choice on

No doubt your choice is one of our plush deer. Your choice is the one of the heart and it will be the right one. We have selected for you the most beautiful plush toys at the best quality/price ratio. We guarantee you quality plush toys that comply with European standards. This means that the plushies have passed the tests that guarantee:

The solidity
The non-use of dangerous chemicals for the child.
Our customer service team is at your disposal to answer your questions. No more hesitations, your gift will delight its recipient. Place your order on our site for your greatest satisfaction.