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Are you a pokemon fan? Or is it more of a boy or girl? Whether it’s one or the other, our pokemon plushies will surely interest you. Soft and cute, they make excellent company for young and old. A pokemon plush can both be a toy or a nap companion your child.

What is a Pokémon plush toy?

Who hasn’t heard of Pokémon? Whether it’s the manga or the video game, Pokémon has been and is a huge hit with kids. If you’re not a fan, your child probably is. But what is it really about?

Well, a pokémon is a fighting creature. It has extraordinary powers, which can differ from species to species. Some Pokémon have the power to breathe fire, for example. Others can harness electricity. They are fascinating creatures. They are more intelligent than animals, and can be captured and trained by humans. To do this, humans must use a Poké-ball, a small red and white ball that can suck in Pokémon.

Note that there are hundreds of species of Pokémon over several generations. And a pokémon pokémon is none other than a plush toy in the likeness of these fantastic creatures. Pikachu is the most popular. But on our online shop, you can still find other species of pokemon plush such as Evoli, Sharkfight, Rufle, Smogo..

A quality Pokémon plush to play with your child

Children love to spend time in front of their TV watching the Pokémon animated series or on their console playing the video game. If that’s the case with your toddler, then he’ll love getting a pokémon made of peelwood as a gift. What could be better than having a real reproduction of your favourite pokemon as a plush toy? Your child can play with it after their play sessions. Like a real Pokémon trainer, he will be able to create a team and organize battles with his friends. He’ll love his adventures with his pokémon plush.

But that’s not all! A pokémon plush can also go beyond its role as a toy or playmate. It can become a comforter, and this is true no matter what age your toddler is. No child will resist a cute and adorable plush toy like a Pikachu, Evoli or Ronflex plush. He will want to have it by his side at all times, whether to play or to sleep.

A pokemon plush is actually a great naptime companion for a baby or child. It has ultra-soft fur, which allows it to offer tenderness and warmth to your little one. By cuddling it, your boy or girl will forget his or her worries and feel reassured. It will then take very little time for him/her to fall asleep. What’s more, his pokemon plush will comfort him and cheer him up when he’s feeling sad.

This also applies to older children. A stuffed animal of your favourite pokemon will help you to free yourself from feelings of loneliness. It will give you tenderness and love when you need it most. But the plush toy can also simply act as a decoration for your bedroom or living room.

Why a healthy Pokémon plush for your toddler

The pokémon plush is a rather special toy. Children love to hug, kiss and cuddle it. If you give them an unhealthy stuffed toy, they may get sick from their contact. So what is a healthy pokemon toy for a child?

First of all, it is essential that the plush toy is hypoallergenic. In other words, it must be made of a fabric whose composition is not likely to give him an allergy or, at least, minimise the risks. This is generally the case with Pokémon puffs made of cotton. They are healthy for children. And most plush toys designed today are made from this material. This is particularly true of the models we offer on our shop. By ordering your pokemon plush from, you are guaranteed a plush toy that is safe for your kid.

That said, even if the plush you give your little one is healthy, you shouldn’t forget to wash it regularly either. If you follow your child everywhere he goes, the toy will end up being a real nest of germs. To avoid him getting sick, regular cleaning of his pokemon-shaped plush is thus highly recommended.

Where to buy your pokemon plush for cheap?

It is on that you will find pokémon plush healthy and safe for your child. And you can also order them from our online shop at a lower price. Our collection features some amazing Pokémon plush characters. Pikachu, Scorpion, Evoli, Aquali, Salamèche, Bulbizarre, Ronflex… all you have to do is choose the Pokémon or its plush evolution that you or your child will like. It will make a very nice birthday present.

Finally, our plush toys are all offered at competitive prices. The opportunity to make your girl or boy happy without spending a fortune. Delivery is free for purchases of 40 euros or more. Find the right type of plush for your child at the right size!