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Soft toys and children: quite a story.
Giving a stuffed animal to a child means giving them the gift of a real source of softness that comforts them when they are sad or gives them a sense of security when they feel vulnerable.

What if you gave your child a dinosaur plush toy? Now that’s a great idea to spoil your toddler in an original way! So comforting and atypical, it could well be that the dinosaur plush toy will become a real comforter for your child and even their favourite toy.

A dinosaur plush: to get the imagination going

Imagination is a way for a baby or child to project himself, in his own way, into real life. He then asks himself a lot of questions with the aim of finding the answers in order to be able to understand what surrounds him.

As dinosaurs are a species that disappeared a long time ago, your little one will be able to discover and learn a lot thanks to his dinosaur plush. What were these creatures like? Did they live on land, in the sky or in the sea? What did they do all day? Did they like spinach? So many questions that will lead to answers that only the youngest can find..

Children love stories. They love to put a whole bunch of objects on stage to bring their ideas to life. With his dinosaur plush, he will be able to create a real universe where he will be able to live incredible adventures, populated with places and characters each one wackier than the other… where a dinosaur plush will easily find a place, even a pink Tyrannosaurus.

Do you love dinosaurs, but are you worried that a dinosaur plush is not kawaii enough for your little one? Rest assured by quickly browsing our selection of dinosaur plushies, with their adorable faces, you’re sure to find one that you and your child will love!

Because a dinosaur plush becomes a real little companion for your child

The dinosaur plush will become a full-fledged member of your little one’s entourage. Imbued with all the smells he knows well, from his own to his parents’ to the smells of the places he’ll take his plushie to, it will act on your child’s consciousness by telling him that he’s in the presence of another person who only wants him well.

With his dinosaur plush, it will be possible for him to perform many activities.
He will be able to feed him, take him to play in the park or go shopping with his parents, do role-playing, tell him secrets, share his joys and sorrows, fears and hopes, in short: this will allow your child to be able to express feelings and desires that, without his dinosaur plush, could remain hidden inside him and could then generate a form of frustration that would be harmful to his development.

Moreover, his intelligence and learning will be stimulated by this benevolent accomplice always ready to accompany him in his adventures.

Before giving the dinosaur plush to your toddler, sleep with it for several days so that the plush is soaked up by your smell. And for safety’s sake: you can see for yourself that our plushies, even the dinosaur ones, do not bite!
So, when you are away or to help him sleep through the night, the dinosaur plush will keep him company and his presence will reassure him, as it will carry your scent.

A dinosaur plush to accompany him in everyday life

For a child, taking his dinosaur plush with him everywhere will be mandatory.
For example, it is impossible not to share an outing in the outside world with his big friend. It will be there to support him in the trials he will have to face, but also to share moments of joy with him.

And who knows, the world being so small, he might even meet another child who also has a dinosaur plush, they would have a lot to talk about!

But the role of the dinosaur plush doesn’t stop there!
At nap time, it will be very useful to allow the toddler to fall asleep without fear, even with the light off.

He will be able to hug and hold his dinosaur plush against his heart without damaging it, because a dinosaur is very strong.

When your child comes back from school, the dinosaur plush will always be ready to welcome your child so that they can share together, over a good snack, what they did during their day.
When he is not in his room, your child can entrust his dinosaur plush with a mission of the utmost importance: to guard his secret garden.

Finally, the dinosaur plush will offer your toddler a real landmark in the different stages of his life as a baby, but also as a child. When he reaches adolescence, he will make the decision to part with it or, on the contrary, to keep it so that, when he hugs it, he can recall the tender memories of his childhood.

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