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Stuffed animals are some of the favourite toys of children, and panda plushies are particularly adorable. If your child is passionate about pandas, they will definitely love one of our panda plush toys. Come and discover them and choose the ones your child will like.

A plush panda: softness and tenderness for toddlers, the friend and confidant of all children

Young children need a cuddly toy to reassure themselves, to have a friend to cuddle when they need it or to play with. Soft and round, the panda plush is the perfect friend for your child. With its black and white back, white belly and black eye rims, the panda has a cute and friendly look that will reassure little ones at the often slightly difficult time of naptime.

Our panda pillows will delight adults and children alike. Laying their head on a panda-shaped pillow will help your child fall asleep easily. For a good nap, you can also choose a blanket with his panda plush, like our happy panda plush with blanket or our shy panda plush with blanket. Toddlers are sure to love snuggling up in them while poking their noses into their beloved plush. The soft panda plushies perfect for cuddling and comforting younger children.

Children love to confide their secrets and sorrows to their best friends. What better confidant than a stuffed animal, especially one in the shape of a panda? Your child will be happy to confide in his or her stuffed animal, which will keep all his or her secrets safe. The stuffed panda is a magical friend, always ready to go on adventures invented by your child. The panda plushies are sometimes humorous in our shop, disguised as sheep, horses, cows, monkeys and other animals. Children can find Po from the cartoon Kungfu Panda and imagine new adventures for him.

Why choose a stuffed panda?

With the Beijing Winter Olympics, panda plushies are very fashionable. According to the newspaper Ouest-France, the Bing Dwen Dwen puppies, the mascot of the games, have been snapped up to the point where they have become almost impossible to find, showing people that this placid and debonair animal can win over the crowds. Panda plush toys have been a favourite among children for as long as they’ve been around, and the trend isn’t about to slow down.

After seeing pandas at the animal park, they will often want to have one at home. Of course, this is not possible. But having a stuffed one is. Our gluttonous panda munching on his bamboo, for example, perfectly imitates the panda seen at the zoo, allowing them to reproduce the good times they had.

The panda is an endangered animal and the mascot of WWF, which protects endangered species. According to the organization, there were about 1,864 pandas left in the wild in 2013 and this number still seems to be in the news. With threats to its habitat, this species could very well become extinct in the wild in the coming years. We regularly hear that you only protect well what you love, and this learning starts in childhood.

A child who has loved his or her panda plush will be more likely to protect the animal species as an adult. Giving a panda plush toy is a very effective way of teaching children about biodiversity, as the panda lives in specific environments. They can therefore learn about its way of life, how it eats for example, and the dangers that surround it, as mentioned above. More than a toy, a panda plush can be a vehicle for ideas and learning.

The child will be much more attentive to the teachings related to its favourite animal and will even be able to take the initiative to relay the information learned to its friends and allow them to become in turn defenders of this animal.

How to choose a stuffed panda

Our shop offers many panda plush, from panda pillows to lucky pandas, there is something for everyone. They are all cuter than each other and the choice can be difficult, but you know your child and their preferences. For younger children, it’s best to choose a simple one without small parts that can be ripped off and swallowed to avoid the risk of choking.

The soft panda plush, the cute panda or the kawaii panda plush with its cute round eyes are best suited to accompany baby to nap time. For your older child, you can talk about it with him or simply observe him to get an idea of what he would like. Children don’t hesitate to share what they are passionate about, you just have to be attentive to it.

Give your child the opportunity to look at the panda page in our online shop and see what seems to appeal to them the most. Maybe they’ve seen panda plush somewhere and told you about it. The clues are there, you just have to look for them. If you want to give your child a total surprise, you can’t go wrong with our plush toys. They rival each other in beauty and quality.

Selecting the plush panda of your dreams can also be done according to the visual aspect and the fabric used to make it. These two aspects should not be neglected, as a plush toy is meant to be cuddly and reassuring. With its laughing blue eyes, the blue Baby Bus panda plushy is a funny and tender friend that will greet your child as if inviting him to play.

The panda: an emblem and national treasure of China

In China, the panda is a symbol of trust that brings its message of peace everywhere with it. It is this symbolism that you offer your child with his panda plush. According to the website the panda king, the Chinese bear is increasingly adored by children, especially thanks to the film kungfu panda. According to the Beauval zoo, a giant panda plush is becoming a necessity. The daily newspaper La Voix du Nord reports that Bing Dwen Dwen panda plush toys were given as prizes to athletes at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, making it even more famous worldwide.