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To facilitate the transition from home to school, think of the plush backpack! Your child will be able to bring with him directly on his back his favorite plush, his best ally to accompany him during his day: Penguin, unicorn, bee, Pikachu, Olaf, Hello Kitty, Mickey or even Superman, discover our selection on the site

Why choose a plush backpack for your child?

The plush backpack is much more than a simple backpack! For your child, it represents home, safe and enveloping. In a context such as school where your toddler is separated from his parents and home, this backpack will be able to provide the function of a “plush”.

A transitional object that facilitates his daily life and will reassure him when he needs it

His stuffed backpack, which he knows and can cuddle with at any time of the day, will bring him comfort and tenderness at the slightest moment of weakness. The mere sight of his backpack will make your child feel reassured! His bag then represents an attachment link and a companion on the road.

An everyday ally

In addition to being useful for carrying personal belongings, the plush backpack will become a real ally for your child and will follow him in all his adventures! Beyond its attractive market value, your child’s plush backpack will take on a real sentimental dimension.

This soft, tender and cute material object will remind him of his attachment figures and his environment. Moreover, the plush backpacks sold on the website have nice designs. Your child will be able to play with them and imagine stories. So don’t hesitate any longer and please your child by offering him this present which will bring him joy, softness and good mood and which will prove to be an excellent substitute for your presence.

How to choose the right plush backpack for your child

Investing in a good backpack is very important for your child’s back and posture. This is because they are growing and need quality equipment to accompany them. Made of plush material, your child’s backpack will be relatively softer and lighter than a standard backpack. However, be careful not to overload it in order to respect and preserve the spine of your toddler.

Shoulder bags should be avoided because the weight of the load is not evenly distributed on your child’s back. This can lead to poor posture and back or neck pain. That’s why it’s better to use a backpack with straps like we offer on Our plush backpacks guarantee comfort and lightness to your child all day long!

Tips for wearing your backpack well

Discover below some tips to properly choose and adjust your child’s plush backpack. First of all, it’s important that it’s adapted to his size: if your child is in kindergarten, choose the smallest and lightest bag possible. In addition, he will not have many things to carry which will not weigh down his load. Remember to check the contents of your child’s plush backpack before they leave for school to ensure that it is only filled with the necessary items.

For proper positioning: the backpack should not extend above your child’s shoulders in height, nor should it extend beyond their back in width. The shoulder straps should be adjustable so that the bag can be placed over your child’s bottom. Tell your child that it is not advisable to carry the plush backpack on one shoulder, as this can cause the child to become unbalanced and the spine to deviate. Adjust the different settings directly on your child’s back and check them regularly. A child grows very quickly!

To know if your child is wearing the backpack correctly, he/she should be able to walk upright with his/her hands on both sides of the body, without holding the straps. Another tip is to encourage your child to crouch down to lift the bag off the ground at their level, rather than bending over to pick it up. This will help protect their back. And when putting it on, advise your child to put the plush backpack at his height (on a table for example) before putting the straps on his shoulders in complete safety!

Did you know?
Your child’s filled bag should not weigh more than 10% of his weight. So weigh the full bag and do the math quickly to see if your child’s back is properly protected.

A quality plush backpack

The online shop specialises in quality plush toys. On the site, you will find many models that will satisfy each member of the family. Healthy and safe for your children, the cuddly toys sold on are mainly made of soft and hypoallergenic cotton. The same goes for the plush backpacks offered in this category.

No risk of allergy or unpleasant sensation for your little one. Conveniently, you can put the plush backpack in the washing machine (gentle programme) to remove any dirt and impurities that may get lodged in it. Concerned about its production line and a true reference in the plush creation industry, trust to choose the ideal backpack for your child. Discover a wide range of models and find your child’s favourite hero. He will be equipped and ready for adventure!