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If you think of it as a toy, your child will think of it as a friend, which is why it is so important to choose the right stuffed animal for your child. Dare to choose an original sloth, you are sure to find the ideal naptime companion.

After all, who sleeps better than a sloth? Soft and fluffy, your toddler won’t be able to do without it.

Why choose the plush sloth for your child?

It’s true that you wouldn’t think of it first, the obvious choices would be more classic like the dog, cat or even the rabbit. Nevertheless, by choosing this animal, you will have already taught your child a new notion, that of rare species. He or she will feel that they have something precious in their hands and will cherish it dearly.

Moreover, the sloth is a very cute mammal with an atypical and endearing appearance. Its long hands will cuddle the toddler and its smiling face will reassure it at all times.

Obviously, the sloth is a specimen often seen in cartoons and films. It is therefore very likely that your child has already come across it. The most obvious example is Zootopia, with the incredible Flash, who is as funny as he is friendly.

Finally, if you are looking for a sleeping companion for your baby, the sloth is the best. Your little one will be enchanted by the softness of the fabric and the soothing warmth it exudes.

Of course, nothing can replace human contact, but when human contact is not available, a quality toy can make up for it. You just have to pray that your little one doesn’t sleep 18 hours a day like the sloth does.

How to properly choose a sloth plush for your child

If sloths look the same, the same is not true for stuffed animals. Indeed, some are more realistic than others. The colours and sizes also vary. You could quickly get lost with so many choices, but it’s not as hard to decide.

If your child is very small, it is advisable to choose a small model. Remember that even babies see babies in their stuffed animals. So the smaller the toy, the better your child will protect it.

Size also matters when it comes to safety. You don’t want to suffocate your toddler with a sloth that is too heavy or bulky. The toy also needs to be portable, so that the little one can carry it around with him to create that lovely imaginary bond of friendship.

It is not necessary to choose a realistic model for infants. On the contrary, the more imaginative it is, the more it will charm the youngest. On the website you will find cute sloths with bright, bulging eyes that are reassuring and heartwarming.

If your child likes anything shiny, you can also choose a glittery plush. If you want even more fantasy, why not go for a sloth unicorn? Beware, this model is so cute that you will probably want to steal it from your child.

For older children, there are more realistic sloth plushies. You can choose between a range of fabric or furry ones for endless cuddles, such as the furry lazy rabbit. These models are plump and stylish for maximum cuddling. They can be used as companions or as simple decorations. You can even find cuddly cushions for stylish naps.

Healthy plush for a healthy child

You pay attention to your child’s diet and the cleanliness of his clothes, but have you ever looked at the composition of his plush?

After all, he’ll spend hours and days (or even years) with it and stuff it everywhere. So it has to be in harmony with his microbiota and not cause him any illness or allergic reaction.

The sloths available on the website are all made from hypoallergenic fabric. The main ingredient is cotton which is known for its softness and respect for the dermis.

Moreover, the models are not perfumed and the colours do not fade after washing. So you can let your little one caress, handle or even chew on his lazy toy without the slightest fear. Once it gets dirty, just put it in the washing machine and it’s as good as new.

The sloth plush: a reassuring presence

It’s not possible to stay close to your child at all times. When you are not around, the little one will only be able to rely on his cloth friends to keep him company. So, a sloth plush will be able to fill the baby’s moments of solitude who will find in it a friend and a protector.

You can also use this toy to teach your toddler to become more independent. For example, by the age of 3 or 4, the child will be able to go to the saddle by himself, or at least with his companion.

It’s also a good strategy for teaching your little one to sleep without mum and dad around.

By giving him a soft, reassuring figure, you allow him to rely on himself a little more. In time, he’ll be able to take the initiative on his own, but a little help is never too much trouble.

Don’t wait any longer and choose the right soft toy for your baby. The earlier he gets it, the more he’ll be able to bond with it and create that sacred bond that allows him to sleep peacefully when he’s alone.