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A unicorn plush will surely make your little princess happy. If you want to give her this little gift, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or not… browse our collection to discover the right plush for her age and taste. Pink unicorn doll plush, sleeping unicorn plush, pink unicorn pillow plush… there are many of them waiting for you to adopt them. Make your choice and find it at a low price on Magic Plush.

A unicorn plush to bring joy to your children

Every child loves unicorns. These adorable magical creatures are shaped like a horse, but with a horn between the two ears. It is a fabulous animal, a legendary creature. It doesn’t exist for real. But in the eyes of children, it does.

According to the legend, the horn of the unicorn is divine. It can eliminate poison and evil deeds. It is also said to have the power to remove everything that is impure. This is why the unicorn is erected as a symbol of purity, justice and power.

But for the little ones, it is simply a beautiful, magical and fantastic creature. Your child might like to have one with him. And if you can’t give him a real one, why not give him a unicorn-shaped stuffed animal?

Our unicorn plushies are sure to amaze your toddler. They’re soft, cute and all about cuddling. Your little one will quickly fall in love with them. Browse our collection of Plushie Unicorns to find one he likes. There are ones for all ages.

Adopt a plush unicorn to play with your child

Does your child not have many friends to play with? So that he doesn’t develop a feeling of loneliness, give him one of our unicorn plush toys. It will keep him company and prevent you from leaving him alone when you are busy doing something.

The plush unicorn will be his new companion. It will play with him and take him into the magical and fantastic world of unicorns. Your baby will feel comfortable in the company of his plush unicorn. As they spend time together, his plush toy will become his cuddly unicorn. He will then gradually free himself from his dependence on you. His unicorn plush will allow him to compensate for your absence. It will be his new best friend, confidant and, of course, playmate.

Choose a unicorn plush to accompany your baby in his nap

Her little naps and sleep are important to baby. In order to help him fall asleep, you may have to spend hours by his side to reassure him. But this will no longer be necessary with a Plushy unicorn. Your little one will find in his cuddly toy a source of tenderness and comfort. He will cuddle it at bedtime to receive love, softness and protection. Baby will feel more reassured. He will fall asleep more quickly. If you want, you can even opt for a unicorn pillow plush. In this case, the plush can be used as a toy and pillow at the same time.

Otherwise, the unicorn plush is not just for little princesses. There are also some for big and young girls, but also for boys. It is an excellent companion for naps. And on, we can provide you with a giant unicorn plush to put in your room. Ultra soft and comfortable, you will be able to cuddle him without moderation. It will bring you softness and tenderness and will rid you of any feeling of loneliness.

Healthy unicorn plushies for your baby on

A pink unicorn plush will make your little princess happy. But before you give her one, first make sure the toy is healthy and safe for your little one. In other words, check that the plush toy is made of quality, hypoallergenic material. This way, even if your baby is in constant contact with the soft unicorn, he won’t get sick or develop an allergy.

On, the unicorn plush toys are all made with quality material in our partner workshop to guarantee the highest possible quality. As well as being soft and silky, they are also healthy for your children. They will be able to kiss and cuddle with their Plushy Unicorn without any health implications.

Where to find a cheap unicorn plush toy for your child

Want to surprise your child with a unicorn plush? Great idea! A plush unicorn will only please your little one. He can make it his toy, his cuddly toy or even his nap time companion. All you have to do is find the perfect plush toy. To do so, simply browse our collection of unicorn plush toys.

Indeed, your child’s unicorn plushies hiding somewhere in our catalogue. Discover our models of unicorn plush, alicorn, pyrocorn, large unicorn plush… you just have to select it and buy it at a cheaper price on our shop. The delivery will be free of charge from euros of purchase.