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What child has never dreamed of having a dolphin at home? A true prince of the seas, this marine mammal, as famous as it is unique, has been seducing the hearts of men for a long time with its grace, vivacity and intelligence. Following the example of the world-famous Flipper the Dolphin, countless films and cartoons feature this majestic animal to the delight of young and old alike.

Great specialists of the plushes, it was inconceivable to our online shop not to propose the liveliest of cetaceans in our category “Plush Animals”. Are you looking for a gift for a little (or big) child who is a lover of plush and dolphins? Browse through our catalogue without delay and find your happiness!

A dolphin to cuddle

All of our puppies are designed to have the perfect material to touch, for little ones and older children alike. Coming in a variety of sizes, some of our models have enough scope to be used as a pillow, duffel or large plush. Our dolphin plush may even be bigger than your child, which will certainly not be to their displeasure! Our dolphins are the guarantors of a serene and peaceful sleep for any lucky person they guide into dreamland.

Dive in and swim in the great ocean of dreams on the back of one of our elegant and caring dolphin plush. As well as offering the soft, comforting warmth of our textile animals that makes for calm, cosy nights, we even offer a glowing model that is a plush toy, bedside lamp and nightlight all in one. A very useful multifunction and even ideal to reassure the youngest who are afraid of the dark, thus sparing them many nightmares!

A cuddly toy to go “crazy” with

After watching over toddlers’ sleep at night, a dolphin plush becomes the best daytime companion for crazy playtime, alone or with other little friends. With the design of our dolphins worked to be friendly and sympathetic, just like the real cetacean, children will naturally be able to integrate this screaming king of the waves with their other toys for storytelling and drama worthy of a blockbuster movie!

A bodyguard by night, and best friend by day, a dolphin plush has all the makings of every child’s favourite toy and will become a companion in their younger years, which they will remember with nostalgia afterwards for the rest of their lives.

A cuddly toy that’s great for going on adventures

A highly friendly animal that is particularly loved by children, the dolphin also symbolises adventure, adventures and a change of scenery. Just think of this sumptuous, leaping animal and you’ll immediately hear the sound of waves and some seagulls calling.

It is not for nothing that many cartoons such as The Little Mermaid, to name but one, give him a prominent place in their story. And this is always in mischievous and clever roles, in keeping with his nature, which makes him one of the most intelligent representatives of the animal kingdom. He is also often shown in cloak-and-dagger films where pirates and privateers cross swords on the deck of ships.

Quality textile work for the best toys

At, we are very concerned and picky about the design of our products. Making it a point of honour to manufacture and sell healthy and perfect quality toys, we use rigorously chosen and responsible hypoallergenic materials like cotton.

Even if your baby rubs his plush toy a little too much, he will not get any irritation or sores. Just be sure to wash it regularly to remove any dirt that the fabric will accumulate when your toddler moves it or gets it dirty. Your child will be able to chew on his favourite plush toy between cuddles without any danger of getting sick.

A varied choice of friendly and colourful designs

Does your child prefer pink? No problem, our catalogue of dolphin plushies offers different models with different colour choices. With a neat design to be as much a plush as a decorative object, our dolphin can be in a grey colour evocative of the real animal. More whimsical, it also exists in red and blue. Also, our most original special TY model of all is adorned with rainbow-coloured scales on its dominant pink and white skin. A final specimen that little mermaids will be delighted to add to their doll collection.

A perfect gift for anyone and any occasion

It’s human, everyone loves gifts. Whether you want to spoil a child or pull a prank on a friend, a plush toy from our site will always guarantee a fun and quality present. Depending on the tastes and trends of the lucky recipient of this gift, choose the dolphin that will fit him best, like a future mascot that why not accompany him on his travels and appear on his Instagram stories. Don’t wait any longer to place your order, if your purchases reach 40 euros, you won’t have to pay any delivery fees!