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Is your child brimming with imagination? Make their dreams come true by giving them a fantastic plush toy! You’re spoilt for choice: cuddly toys of famous imaginary characters, dancing duck, unicorn or dragon nightlight… Opting for a fantastic cuddly toy means making his everyday life a daydream.

Choose a fantasy plush toy that is safe for your child

It is important to choose a good quality plush toy for your child, as they will be spending a lot of time with it. The fantasy plush can accompany him throughout his childhood, so it is necessary to make sure that a quality problem does not ruin it. At any age, your child’s stuffed animal is bound to be cuddled, of course, but also put in the mouth or even sometimes a little mishandled.

The fantastic plush toys from are healthy and of high quality. They are made of healthy and robust materials to ensure a long life. The materials used are hypoallergenic, ensuring that they will not cause any allergies to your toddler.

Still, take the time to check that the fantasy plush you choose is age-appropriate for your child. There is a huge choice! You are sure to find the right one for him.

A fantasy plush to awaken his imagination and creativity

Awakening the creativity of young children is an important thing, it helps them learn to look at life from different angles, awaken their curiosity, express their emotions and ideas. Creativity is a quality in adults and it is learned from a very young age.

Fantastic stuffed animals come in many forms. Girl or boy, there is a fantasy plush for your child whatever their age. Legendary creatures like the unicorn or the dragon will take your cherub on a journey to the land of the clouds! Take him to prehistoric times with the fantastic plush dinosaur collection and he will immerse himself in the origins of the world while having fun!

Take your toddler to rainbow land with a beautiful unicorn

The unicorn is a fascinating legendary animal loved by all children, but also by older ones. On you will find a crazy collection of unicorns. They are white, blue, pink, small, big or even giant, each one as cute as the next. A cuddly toy, a pillow or a unicorn pillow is the ideal companion for a daily life with a thousand and one colours.

Much more than a simple plush toy, the unicorn will be a wonderful companion for your child, perhaps even his favourite blanket. Your little one will become the new explorer of wonderful worlds on the back of his splendid multicoloured mount!

Fantastic role-playing in the time of the dinosaurs

The dinosaur is one of the favourite animals of little ones. There are all kinds among the selection of fantastic roleplays. For example, the impressive tyrannosaurus can take your child back to prehistoric times and immediately immerse them in role-playing full of adventure and victory. Does your child prefer the triceratops? Or maybe the stegosaurus? Don’t panic, the collection of fantastic dinosaurs is plenty big enough to find something they like.

And why not a funny pink dinosaur plushie to sweeten the deal? You could also give her a beautiful dino nightlight to light up her adventurous dreams! Fans of the most famous dinos will also be happy with Yoshi or kawai plush toys. All you have to do is choose the dinosaur fantasy plush that will suit him best!

A dragon buddy to fly to new adventures

A legendary animal fiercer than a unicorn and even more fantastic than a dinosaur? The dragon of course! What child has never marveled at beautiful stories of dragons. They are very present in the universe of children and their adventures are told in many cartoons. What is his favourite famous dragon? Toothless, Lightning Fury, Arlo, Bowser? You’ll find it in the collection of fantastic puppets.

Dragons of all colours and sizes to give him the best gift. There are some for the very young, but also for the older ones. A soft dragon buddy for fantastic naps or a fierce dragon for long hours of play in splendid imaginary kingdoms, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to giving him the companion of his dreams!

A collection of Tsum tsum plush toys to expand his happy world

Because Tsum tsum is a derivative of the word “tsumu” which means “to stack” in Japanese, offers you a wide choice of these fantastic little Disney animals to perhaps start a nice collection of characters with your child.

You will find among others the characters of Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Mickey, Stitch, Hulk, Spider-Man or even Captain America in too cute shapes. Ideal for babies and toddlers, they are all soft and will make a great nap buddy or a fantastic comforter! Beware, they are so cute that even an adult might not be able to resist the urge to start a Tsum Tsum collection from his childhood!