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Their favourite objects help children and adults alike to deal with the different emotions they may experience in their lives. As good luck charms or cuddly toys, these objects help to combat loneliness and develop empathy in both adults and children. In this context, cuddly toys in the shape of animals are particularly popular. The most famous is the teddy bear, popularised by the famous Teddy Bear. But discover in this collection cow plush toys that will help your child to develop psychologically as well.

The cow to reassure the very young

From the age of six months, your baby begins to understand that he is a being in his own right. He knows that he is not a part of his mother. He then starts to feel frustrated by this awareness, by this feeling of separation. In order to reassure him, the blanket comes into play. This can be a handkerchief, a toy or, more commonly, a soft toy. The cute cow cuddly toy will help the child to overcome this transition, so that the feeling of loneliness gradually fades away. Moreover, in many cultures, the cow symbolises abundance, fertility and generosity, just like mum! In India, it is even considered the universal Mother.

At this stage, as your baby cannot yet express his needs clearly, it is up to you to choose for him. For toddlers, the most important thing is the safety of the cow plush. Choose a cuddly toy that is made of a quality material, whose hair does not come off easily and that is hypoallergenic, to avoid any health risks for your baby. So give your baby an embroidered baby cow plush that has no hair and is particularly suitable for baby’s grip due to its size.

A loyal friend for your children

As they grow older, stuffed animals become friends for your children. They become playmates, and confidants who keep their secrets and comfort them when they are sad. The stuffed animal listens to them and cuddles them at will! And if your child is starting to want pets, the baby cow plush representing a small calf is ideal to introduce them to animal husbandry before buying a real animal. This cuddly toy trains them to look after an animal, so that your child will have no difficulty when you decide to give them a dog or cat.

At this age, listen to your child to choose the right stuffed animal for them. If they don’t like the stuffed animal you buy them, your child will never get attached to it anyway. Again, safety is important. But so is the impression it makes on your child. For example, offer the spotted cow plush which is sure to make your child laugh during sad moments, with its little tongue out!

A comforter for adults?

Like children, adults are prone to emotions that sometimes bring their spirits down. You, too, need an object that reassures you at such times. It is often an object left by an ancestor or a loved one, which you don’t think is a comforter, and yet it is! So think about it when you have to give a gift to a friend or a member of your family.

For a birthday, Christmas, or just to make your loved ones happy, the giant spotted cow plush is perfect. When they’re feeling down, your plush will help them get through a difficult time and remind them of your empathy and kindness, thus strengthening your bond. If the giant plush is too big for your taste, the small cow plush keychain, with its different colours, will perfectly match your loved ones’ bags. Plus, they can take it everywhere. For yourself, who are often required to make public presentations the cow plush with heart motifs can very well help you rehearse your speeches.

Cow plush as a decorative element

Why not cow plush on your shelves? The stuffed animal not only serves as a toy for children, but are also decorative elements for home fairies who want to stand out. Not very common as a decorative object, cuddly toys will nevertheless give warmth and originality to your room. Cuddly toys can also be used as a backdrop for a photo shoot, or just be present in the kitchen to listen to you talk while you wait for a dish to cook, or while you clean the worktops.

The gentleman cow plush will find its place on your bookshelf, next to your books, or a vase and will give your living room some style. The cow plush can be used as a cushion on your sofa, and you can hug it when you are scared while watching a horror movie. The cow plush with its soft fur will warm the hearts of young and old alike. Sitting down, she will give an equally soft image to your child’s room, or even to yours. And it’s so much fun to stroke her!