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Did you like Disney’s The Lion King? Maybe you’d like to have a plush toy featuring the characters from the film? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! offers you its beautiful collection of lion king plush for young and old. Discover in our catalogue the Simba plush, Timon plush, Pumba plush or Mufasa plush that you need to please your little one or complete your own collection.

A Lion King plush for fans of the Disney film

You’ve probably seen “The Lion King” at least once or twice in your life. Released in 1994, it is one of Disney’s biggest hit films. It tells the story of Simba, a young, rambunctious lion cub who didn’t care about anything. Yet he was destined to become king of the animals and succeed his father, Mufasa.

This displeased his uncle Scar. Scar also wanted to rule. He hated the idea of having to leave the place he thought was his due to his nephew. In his jealousy, he concocted a ruse that led to Mufasa’s death and made Simba believe that he was responsible. The poor cub had to flee, leaving behind his kingdom, his mother and his friends. But with the help of his friends Timon and Pumba, he returned one day to take back his throne.

In short, Simba’s story in The Lion King is a fascinating one, as are its characters. If you are a fan, you might like to have a souvenir in your bedroom or living room. And what better way to pay homage to this cult film than with a Lion King Plush. A Simba, Zazu, Scar or Nala plush will be perfect to decorate your living space.

A lion king plush to play with your toddler

Every child loves Simba. For many of them, it is their favourite lion. And we can understand them. Simba is not only cute. He is also very strong and kind. Having a Simba plush is a dream for many children. So why not give him this pleasure?

With our Lion King Plush, your child will have a great blanket to play with and spend time with. Does your boy or girl like adventures? Give him a Simba plush! It will help him discover the savannah and the vast kingdom over which he reigns. If he wants to have fun and enjoy himself, choose a Timon plush or a Pumba plush. He will never be bored with these two.

But of course, the choice doesn’t stop there! There are so many characters from the Disney film that you are spoilt for choice for a Lion King plush. In this category are still Zazu, Scar, Bunga, Kion, Fuli, Nala, etc. plush toys. All your child has to do is choose their favourite character. And no matter which plush they choose, they will have a new friend to play with and spend time with.

A lion king plush to accompany baby in his nap

Baby needs comfort, softness and tenderness to sleep well. You won’t be around all the time to give him some. To compensate for your absence and teach him to become independent, a cuddly toy remains the ideal solution. And what better than a puppy with the image of the lion king to be his comforter?

It’s super soft. Your little one will enjoy cuddling and rubbing against it. He’ll revel in the nice, silky feel of his disney plush fur. It will help reassure him at bedtime. His sleep softer and more comfortable at the plush’s side. By the way, there is a special lion king plush in our collection to accompany baby in his nap: the Simba pillow plush.

Finally, a lion king plush is also an excellent source of comfort and tenderness for baby. Since you won’t be around him all the time, he will console himself with his toy when he is sad.

Choose our healthy lion king plush for your little one

Not just any lion king plush should be given to your child. To avoid compromising his health, make sure you give him a healthy plush. In other words, give your child a Disney plush that won’t cause allergies or other illnesses. How can you tell?

It’s easy! First and foremost, the plush must be made from healthy, quality materials. It must also be hypoallergenic. Only in this way can you be sure that the toy is not a health hazard for your baby.

On, all lion king plush toys are safe for your little one. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, they are made to order in a partner workshop. You can have peace of mind when giving them to your child.

Where to buy a cheap lion king plush

You are already there! A reference in online plush sales, is able to provide you with the lion king plush you need at competitive prices.

Look at what you need in our catalogue. Order it in a few clicks. Your plush will be sent to you a few days later. Delivery is free for orders over 40 euros.