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Stuffed animals have always made excellent gifts. Would you like to make your child happy? They will love to receive them. In fact, stuffed animals now come in an almost infinite range of shapes, colours, textures, sizes and, above all, animal species. Finding the perfect companion for your baby will not be a problem if you have all the criteria in hand. Here is a guide to choosing the right stuffed animal.

The basic criteria for choosing an animal plush for your child

Choosing a stuffed animal for your baby is a fun time for parents. It is an opportunity to offer extra company to their child. It is quite legitimate to choose the one that seems to be the right one understood, especially the plush that your child will cherish and keep throughout his childhood, or even his whole life.

For a young child, it would be more appropriate to opt for a plush that will also serve as a cuddly toy. The latter will be a real favourite for your little monster. Also note a few criteria for choosing the lucky one.

Know then that the stuffed animal must be the right size. There’s no point in choosing a plush that’s too big, which will only smother your little loulou. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to choose a model that’s a little too small too. Ideally, the child should wrap his arms around the cuddly toy. If it is too big, this will not be possible. Also, choose a model that is soft enough to give your child the impression of cuddling. Since too much is never good, a really soft cuddly toy that crushes under the baby’s weight will never be a good choice.

Animal plush, a real playmate

When your baby grows up, his stuffed animal will follow him. So there will be no need to change it. The plush is different from other toys in that it becomes the child’s playmate. They can play together as they please. It is with the cuddly toy that the child shows creativity in growing up.

It’s no surprise then that the choice of a cuddly toy should not be left to chance, as it will become a real friend for the baby. It will become a real friend for the baby and will become a part of his daily life. When you buy animal plush for your child, keep in mind that it will be a real support for him. It will be his comfort when he is sad. We don’t often think about it, but the stuffed animal can really help the child to get over the grief.

The advantage with animal plushies as well, is that they allow the child to really feel surrounded. They will play together, but they will also sleep on the same bed. Just make sure that your child does not sleep with the plush every night, as this could be a danger to their health and well-being.

How do you know if your child likes a soft toy?

If possible, asking your child what they like best is still a great idea. This allows you to really please him with the gift. If you want to surprise him, you can ask him what pet he would choose if he could have one. There are many ways to find out your child’s favourites whether it’s the type of animal, the colour, the size without having to ask them directly.

Also look at the stuffed animals they already have. There is absolutely no point in giving him every zoo animal. Even if your child loves elephants for example, he can’t have too many.

How about bringing your child’s favourite book to life? How much does he love whales, dolphins, mermaids, crabs, sharks, fish or just plain cute animals? What a pleasure for him to receive a plush toy reminiscent of the character in his favourite book and animated films.

Which animal plush for which age?

Age is an important criterion when choosing a stuffed animal. A cuddly toy that appeals to a five year old will not be ideal for an eight month old baby and the reverse is also true. For babies, you need super soft stuffed animals, small and soft enough for their little hands to grasp.

After all, soft toys have a label that states the ideal age for using the toy. Then make sure that the plush toys of your choice comply with CE safety standards and have been tested for these risks. This will allow you to choose an age-appropriate gift for your child.

Choosing the right stuffed animal for your child, safety first!

Stuffed animals have been a big hit for years. More often than not, they have been designed and manufactured by family businesses for decades. And that’s a good thing, because instead of following often less scrupulous commercial trends, these companies put the safety of the little monsters first.

To be more precise, favouring these small companies is a way of ensuring a more thoughtful design of these stuffed animals. In designing the toys, the craftsmen are primarily driven by personal responsibility rather than government standards.

Attention to detail will ensure quality and safety for the child. Thus, you will be guaranteed that the plush toy will be a safe companion that the child can cherish throughout his or her childhood, or even lifetime.