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Fox plush: the essential toy for your child

In a child’s bedroom, stuffed animals are indispensable items.
If, as a parent, you have to prioritise one toy for your child, we recommend the plush toy. Suitable for almost all tastes, in different shapes and sizes, plush toys are timeless. Even in the digital age, where game designers are coming up with more and more sophisticated toys, plush toys still remain in the heart of every child.

This is because despite its simplicity, plush toys play an important role in your child’s life. Much more than just a toy, the stuffed animal helps your child grow and learn.
If you want to give your child a useful gift, we have exactly what you need: the fox plush.

A fox plush toy to help your child through the tough times

Soft and all cute, our fox plush is the perfect companion you can bring to your child to make them feel better. No matter what emotional states he’s going through, the fox plush will soothe your child and comfort him when you’re no longer around.

Giving this fox plush to your child will allow them to have a buddy on all occasions in their life. Also, cuddling this fox plush will help your child to rely on their own ability to seek comfort, without needing your help.

The fox plush: your child’s first friend

While the world may seem scary and uncertain through your child’s eyes, the fox plush toy, because of its familiarity, will help them find comfort.

By being his first friend, a powerful bond will develop between this fox plush and your child. The child will be comforted by this stuffed animal who will accept all his emotions. From its bites to its myriad kisses, to its moments when the child throws the plush, the plush accepts the child.

As the first friend, this fox plush will also be your child’s first confidant.
To a child, a plush is not inanimate, it is a real friend! Together, they talk, they exchange low masses. Your child confides in it. With the help of his fox plush, your child will develop his communication skills.

Give your child the fox plush for his optimism

With their smiles and endearing faces, our various fox plushies are vaccinated against life’s disappointments. No matter what they go through, they will always greet your child with their jovial faces to give them the impression that life is full of optimism. No matter if he has upset dad, mum has scolded him, the teacher is disappointed, the child knows that his fox plush will never be disappointed.

Indeed, nothing beats a long, soft, fluffy hug when your child needs cheering up. The fox plushie is irreplaceable.

Nurture empathy and empower your child

To nurture your child’s natural desire to connect with others, nothing beats a stuffed animal. By caring for it, your child will learn to think about others. This will help her develop empathy as well as compassion for others.

By caring for her fox stuffed animal, your child will also take more responsibility by playing the role of the adult.

Effectively, by playing “dad” or “mom” with his fox stuffed animal, it gives the child the opportunity to play the adult which will be important for his development.

Where to find the best fox plush

If you’re in the market for a fox plush, you can be sure to make your child happy with the large choice that Magic Plush offers. Indeed, to help you choose the best plush toy for your child, we have made available to you two dozen different models.

Let yourself be tempted by rather classic foxes or go for original fox plushes like the kawaii foxes or the YT cosmic fox offering a palette of colours more fantasy.

At our online shop, you will find quality fox plushies at the best prices. We offer plush toys in one size, but also models that range from 35 cm to 90 cm, for the larger fox plush toys. Enough to allow your child to have a big plush for big cuddles.

How to order your fox plush from Magic Plush

If you want to give your child a fox plush, we invite you to consult our catalogue and choose the model that suits you. You can do it by yourself to keep the surprise, but you can also ask your child’s opinion. Thanks to the interface of our online shop, your child will be delighted to see the different photos we offer to help them choose their future best friend.

Once you have chosen the fox plush you want, you can add it to your basket. If the model is not one size, don’t forget to choose the size between 35 cm, for the smallest plushies, and 90 cm for the biggest ones.