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Japanese culture, and in particular manga, swept through the world several decades ago. Today, everyone knows at least one emblematic manga series or character! Son Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball, Luffy and his adventures in the One Piece series or the Hello Kitty phenomenon… there is something for everyone! There will always be a manga plush to satisfy both young and old!

Opt for our manga plushies and give your child their favourite character

Your child literally devours Japanese comics? Does he impatiently await the release of the latest One Piece? Doesn’t miss an episode of his favourite manga on TV? No doubt about it, a cuddly toy bearing the effigy of his favourite hero is the ideal gift! He will find in it an adorable companion that could quickly become the favourite toy he will take everywhere.

The catalogue, with its wide choice, lets you start a collection of manga plush toys grouping together all the main heroes of the most unmissable series. Since there is no hero without a rival, our site also gives pride of place to the great villains! A wide range of characters that will satisfy all fans.

A manga plush to stimulate creativity

Surrounded by his companions, the most incredible stories are imaginable. One then has a real playground for creativity. Inventing, staging, re-enacting, whatever form it takes, imagination breaks free from limits and allows the escape that children need for their development.

Who has never dreamed of having the colossal strength of Son Goku, or the duplicating powers of Naruto? Manga fuels both fantasy and imagination, and it’s accompanied by his faithful playmates that your child can feel invested with superpowers, too! Re-enacting the key scenes from their favourite anime or creating original adventures accompanied by the bevy of characters that populate their favourite manga, so many possibilities that will give your child unforgettable moments.

A manga comforter for reassurance

Creative stimulation, fun, collection… These are already many reasons to give your child the puppet from the world of manga that will suit him perfectly. But there is still one essential aspect to mention among the multiple roles taken on by the plush: the psychological function it has, directly involved in the well-being of your little ones.

Because beyond the simple toy, the plush, if chosen as a cuddly toy by your child, will become his real partner to get through the little trials that arise throughout his development. The world is to be discovered, and the cuddly toy, as a familiar and reassuring presence, will give him the courage to move forward with serenity. What could be better than a manga plush with the effigy of his favourite hero to soothe him? No doubt they’ll find comfort and well-being surrounded by the cuddly toys they love. Vegeta, Chopper, Luffy or all of them at once, you decide!

Adorable colourful plush toys for a vibrant collection

Let’s face it, Japanese culture is no slouch when it comes to colour and fantasy, and our catalogue of manga items won’t prove otherwise! From Hello Kitty’s or Boo’s candy pink to Son Goku Super Saiyan’s bright yellow hair, not to mention the colourful array of Chopper’s outfits, you’ll have something to brighten up the room where your collection will be displayed! In addition to a wide range of adorable characters, our catalogue of manga prints is a veritable firework display of colour

Girl or boy, big or small, what does it matter? Plushies for everyone

The days when pink was for girls and blue for boys are long gone. Manga reaches all audiences and is free from age or gender considerations. The stories, the characters, the drawings are for everyone, and therefore so are our manga puzzles! Your little girl will get as excited about her Naruto or Hello Kitty plush as your little boy, and will experience moments full of tenderness and joy.

Teens as well as adults are also big consumers of manga, especially in France, and derivative products from Japanese popular culture are a huge success. Our range of plush toys will undoubtedly delight fans of all ages who want to give (or give themselves) a gift in the image of their cult series.

All sizes for all desires

Have you decided to give an XXL surprise? To opt for a soft and imposing plush to snuggle up to? Then why not adopt a giant plush from Chopper, the adorable reindeer with a hat from Luffy’s crew? Are you eyeing a small size instead? The Son Goku, Hello Kitty or Gaara models are just a small sample of the possibilities offered to you in the catalogue! Some of them even have a suction cup, and can be hung everywhere!

A real commitment on quality

Because the trust you place in us is paramount, we take a special interest in the quality of our products. Each of our plush toys is checked down to the smallest detail of its manufacture, to offer you an impeccable result. Our manga plushies are no exception to the rule, and will accompany young and old for a long time!

Don’t hesitate any longer! Board immediately for Japan with the irresistible manga plush available on!