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Is Eevee one of your favourite Pokémon? Then our plush toys with his image will certainly not leave you indifferent. Aquali, Voltali, Pyroli, Mentali, Noctali… you will find all its evolutions in our collection. If you are looking for an Eevee plush to give as a gift to your girl or boy, this is where you will find it at a cheaper price.

An Eevee plush for Pokémon fans

Do you know what Pokémon are? These fighting creatures that have extraordinary powers and offer us spectacular confrontations in the manga or the eponymous video game?

Well, Eevee is simply one of them. It is a cute and adorable Pokémon. It has brown fur, sparkling eyes, long ears and a fox-like tail. Of course, Eevee doesn’t match any real animal. But it is said to be halfway between a bushy cat and a spitz-nain (a breed of dog).

Otherwise, Eevee is a very friendly Pokémon. It’s impossible not to like it. It smiles all the time and loves to play. But it is also a rare Pokémon. It can easily change its body composition to suit its environment.

This is why Eevee has the most evolutionary possibilities of all Pokémon. Aquali, Voltali, Pyroli, Mentali, Noctali, Phyllali Givrali or Nymphali are all Eevee’s evolutions. And you can find each of them in plush form in our collection of  Eevee plush.

Why give your child an Eevee plush ?

The question doesn’t even arise if your child is a Pokémon fan! Like any pokémon trainer, he would surely love to have Eevee or one of its evolutions in his gang. It will help him win battles. And why not give it to him as a plush toy?

An Eevee plush will make your little one happy. It’s a toy he can have fun with every day after school. His pokémon plush will accompany him on his beautiful adventures. It will introduce him to new things and help him reduce his screen time. With his Eevee plush by his side, he will feel less need to play Pokémon on his mobile. It will now be his new and best playmate.

But that’s not all! A Eevee-shaped plush can also be adopted as a comforter by your baby. Cute, soft and adorable, it arouses affection and provides a sense of security. Your little one will quickly become attached to it. She will love having it by her side when she goes to bed at night. No need to spend hours trying to get baby to sleep when her pokemon plush is around. This one can take care of itself to put him to sleep faster.

Finally, also count on a pokemon plush to bring comfort and solace to your boy or girl when he or she is sad. Cuddling with the toy will be enough to make everything better.

Why choose a healthy Eevee plush toy for your child ?

A Eevee plush, you will have no trouble finding one on the market. It is a very popular toy. There are many retailers offering them. But if it’s for your toddler, it’s important to make sure it’s good quality.

Indeed, the pokémon plush to give to your kid must imperatively be healthy. Why? Simply because a poor quality plush can negatively impact his health. It could contain an allergenic or other substance that could cause illness. This would be a real shame, especially if your child has started to get attached to the stuffed animal.

To prevent this from happening, prefer a Eevee-shaped plush that is healthy for your child. How can you be sure? It’s simple! Just make sure it’s hypoallergenic and made from quality fabric, cotton for example.

At, we only sell healthy, quality Pokémon plush toys. By making your purchase on our online shop, you are guaranteed to offer a safe and quality toy for your little one.

Where to find the cheap Eevee plush for your child?

Would you like to surprise your kid with an Eevee plush? Or would you rather give him one for his birthday? Whether it’s one or the other, you’ve come to the right place. is indeed a reference in the online sale of plush toys in France. We have a wide range of Pokémon plush toys in our catalogue, including Eevee plush toys that are just waiting to be adopted.

Don’t hesitate to browse the collection to find the plush you need. It’s probably in there. Noctali, Nymphali, Givrali, Voltali… My Plush offers these magnificent Eevee plush evolutions. You will also find other Pokémon plush characters such as Pikachu, Salamèche, Dracaufeu, Ronflex, Bulbizarre… They will bring joy and happiness to your children every day.

Finally, in addition to the quality of our products, you also benefit from a very attractive price when you buy your Eevee plush on our online shop. Finally, delivery will be offered to you if your purchases exceed the 40 dollar mark. This is the right time to save money while making your little prince or princess happy.