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Looking for a playmate or cuddly toy for your child? Need to give an adorable gift to a child or a very special adult? Take advantage of our wide range of penguin cuddly toys to make your choice easier, while making your loved ones happy. Magic Plush offers gifts and plushies for everyone. No matter the age of the person who will receive it, or their taste, you will surely find here a plush penguin that they will like.

Penguin plush, the perfect gift for a child

Many psychologists, such as Taylor, Cole and Stewart, or Melson, are unanimous on the fact that children have a natural empathy towards animals. With this in mind, what better gift to give a child than a penguin toy? The point of a gift is to please, and you’d have no trouble doing that with one of these stuffed animals.

The penguin is also incredibly cute with its round head and belly and little feet. The figure eight shape makes it easy to hold, especially for a child. The lack of corners, thanks to its generally rounded shape, prevents the plush from tearing an object, or getting stuck in a door or behind a piece of furniture. For a lasting and effective gift, a penguin plush should be at the top of your list for these reasons alone.

Penguin plush, the future hero of your children’s stories

The other advantage with stuffed penguins is that by becoming familiar with these animals, children find stories about them much more exciting. Also, finding books, cartoons and films is much easier, the evening stories at tuck-in time are endless. Children even have the chance to see them in real life in zoos.

The physical presence of the stuffed penguin helps the child to materialise his imagination. The story will come to life, the narration is all the more intense. In addition to fiction, beautiful true stories about penguins can be told to children.

Penguin plush, a great playmate for children

The penguin plush is meant to accompany the child everywhere, probably over several years when the little one likes it. Thanks to the different models we have on the shelves, seeing your child waddle around and play with his cuddly toy is easily very cute. The child will be entertained by the beautiful penguin stories told by the parents. These stories allow your child to project himself into a world where he can enjoy himself.

This little world easily feeds his imagination and allows him to invent all sorts of role-playing games in which his stuffed penguin is the main actor. If your child does not go to school yet and you yourself are teleworking, having a child who can play on his own and have fun is a real relief.

Penguin fluff, a great substitute for both children and adults

Parents looking for a comforter for their children will probably find their happiness with one of our penguin plushies. Children’s whining is not uncommon, mainly when their parents are away, such as at bedtime, before leaving for work or when school starts. A stuffed penguin given by the parents can become a very good transitional object that keeps the parents’ presence in the child’s mind. The stuffed animal becomes an object of comfort and security of mind, which partly explains why children fall asleep more easily with the help of their cuddly toys.

These feelings do not only apply to children. Giving a penguin plush to an adult can mean that you think very highly of that person and that the object serves as a reminder of your presence at their side.

The choice of penguin plush

To choose the right Penguin Plush, there are a few criteria to consider.

Small children love bright colours that identify the object more easily. However, parents should always stick to realistic tones, as with our plump penguin plush or our kawaii penguin plush to be able to educate the child at the same time. On the other hand, a pastel colour, such as with the light blue penguin plush with ear covers, is surely appreciated by adults.

Given the famous stories about penguins, it is better to choose a character that children know. This will make it easier for them to get to grips with it. With the diversity of the My Plush offers, you will surely find one that comes close, if not the right one.

The sizes of our plushies generally vary from 20 cm to 70 cm depending on the model. These sizes allow us to adapt the selected model to the person who will receive the penguin plush. For children, however, models of about 35 cm are the most suitable so that they can take them everywhere.

Parents should always check that the child is not allergic to any of the components. That’s why the details of each cuddly toy are clearly stated in the descriptions on My Plush.

The finish is important when giving a penguin plush to a small child. Avoid, for example, choosing a model with button eyes or accessories that he can easily tear off and perhaps even swallow.

The cutest and most adorable penguin plushies on Magic Plush

With our wide selection of penguin plush, quickly find the right gift or comforter for you. We have something for every taste, for various sizes as well as for every household’s budget with our various items. Want to rest on softness? Choose our penguin pillow. Need a little fantasy? Our pink penguin plush in unicorn costume is just the thing. And if you’re looking for something just too cute, why not take a look at our rainbow penguin plush?