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Who hasn’t dreamt of seeing their child’s face light up with a sweet smile and their eyes sparkle with happiness? You would like to offer him a soft and cute plush toy that will conquer his child’s heart. The turtle plush is the ideal gift for all circumstances: birthday, Christmas or simply to please, the turtle plush is so pretty and colourful that your child will only love it.

Thanks to our selection and our varied catalogue, you will surely find the one you need to make this gift, a moment of joy for your little one.

A turtle plush to create joy and well-being for your child.

Children love to play, that’s no secret. And play is very important in helping them develop their inventiveness and imagination.

The turtle has strong symbolism in the collective imagination. It represents ancient wisdom, perseverance, determination and the ability to remain calm and to manage emotions.

By playing with his turtle plush, your baby will therefore be able to invent stories, tell him his childhood joys and sorrows as if to a patient and benevolent friend. The turtle plush will become his playmate and best friend.

Your baby will be reassured to fall asleep against its soft, warm shell.

We hold a whole catalogue with quite affordable prices for the happiness of children, but also of parents.

Between the inimitable ninja turtles, sea turtle, baby turtle plush, soft turtle plush and the turtle plush Koopa Troopa from the Mario Bros games, don’t deprive yourself of the joy of giving him this gift that will make him happy for sure.

Our cute turtle plushies are just waiting for your little one to cuddle, it’s up to you to choose which one you will give him.

The turtle plush for sweet moments of sharing with your child.

If children love to play, what they want above all is to spend time with those they love.

With the soft turtle plush, you can share moments of laughter and shared joy while playing together.

Create an imaginary underwater world ? Fight the bad guys and then feast on cheese pizza? Be a samurai apprentice and seek advice from the wise and venerable turtle? With our turtle plush you can make up all sorts of fun and entertaining stories. Your child will be delighted to spend time with you and his best friend with a shell.

You can take the opportunity to talk to him about the marine world, fauna and flora for a little talk about the biodiversity that needs to be protected and thus awaken his ecological awareness.

Your baby is too small for these games, have fun stroking him on the neck or on the tip of his nose with the soft paw of the turtle plush. He will discover new sensations that will develop his senses. Make the turtle plush talk in a funny voice and hear your baby’s voice laughing out loud.

An affordable plush with excellent quality.

When we give a gift, we hope that the recipient experiences great joy. But when giving a present to a child, it is very important that it also meets quality standards for their well-being and safety. All of our turtle plushies are researched and selected to meet these criteria.

Made of cotton and treated hypoallergenic, the turtle plush is very soft and respects the skin of your baby. The seams are made in such a way that they are extremely strong, do not let the stuffing escape and thus protect your child.

Every part or detail is carefully sewn to prevent choking.

You can watch your child play for hours with the turtle plush without any problems.

Our turtle plushies are machine washable up to 30 degrees with your usual washing powder. Thus, the turtle plush will keep all their colours, their original shape and you will be reassured of their level of cleanliness to take care of your baby.

What’s more, from €40 of purchase, the delivery is offered and you even benefit from parcel tracking in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Why deprive yourself of making your child happy?

Your turtle plush to offer is on

Because we love children, we have only made available to you products whose quality and aesthetics we have ensured. All of our turtle plushies are prettier, softer and cuter than each other.

And because we also love parents and we believe that it is quite possible to please a child by giving him a turtle plush without breaking his PEL, we have a whole range at affordable prices.

We deliver worldwide and you have the option to return the plush within 14 days, at no extra cost, if it is not to your liking. You can then proceed to an exchange or be refunded in full of your purchase thanks to the 100% satisfied or refunded guarantee.

Why hesitate?

At, we take great care of our customers, for any questions or orders, our customer service is at your disposal by mail or on the chat.

Do not waste a moment and offer him the turtle plush that your child has always dreamed of.