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Does your child love dogs, both big and small? Are you looking for an original gift idea for a birth that will be appreciated not only by the baby, but also by the parents? Give a nice soft plush toy with the effigy of his favourite pet! This gift idea is always a hit with little ones because of its cute lines and soft fur. Our catalogue gives you the choice between real, cartoon, bright or kawai dogs like those of the Ty brand. Which one will appeal to your child? The answer may not be obvious, as all our dog plushies are cute!

Bring joy to your child with a dog plush

In real life, the dog is a pet known for being gentle, loyal, protective and playful towards children. Put a dog (not a Doberman, of course!) and a two-year-old in the same room, and you’ll see that an interaction takes place between them, whether it’s a moment of play or an impromptu drying of tears from the four-legged companion. As an adult, we are inevitably touched by these moments of complicity. Even if there are a few tail or ear pulls at the beginning, many stories of friendship are woven like Belle and Sebastian or Boule and Bill. The dog plush also allows baby to become familiar with the presence of a dog.

Whether or not there is a dog in the house, the animal is very popular with children, both real and fictional. That’s why a dog plush toy will be a hit with your blonde head and all the others around you. It remains to be seen whether his heart will swing between a husky, a Jack Russell or a Poodle… All are waiting to be adopted by a new boyfriend or girlfriend and set off on new adventures.

A plush dog, a great playmate

The dog plush is a must-have for children, just like the classic teddy bear. It will please a little girl as well as a little boy. But as all tastes are in nature, we have declined the plush under different possible races with several colours to choose from. Our catalogue also offers imaginary dog plush, from cartoons (like Bluey) or not, to answer all the desires to have a dog plush.

We have also selected dog plushies of all sizes, from the 18cm cuddly dog that the little one cuddles in his bed to the luminous dog plushie of 50cm that will add the cute touch to your little one’s room.

Full of cuddles ahead with the dog plush

Newborns’ first pals are often the stuffed animals that serve as their cuddles. They give them a sense of security wherever they go. Put the dog plush in contact with your skin for a few moments: this way your baby will have your scent on his plush and will be reassured if you have to go away.

At nap time, in the car or simply when your child feels the need, the dog plush will be a great ally for all cuddling sessions. The advantage is that he won’t growl or run away if something doesn’t suit him. Just like with a real dog, the dog plush offers a reassuring presence to your little one and this will help him fall asleep. That’s why we’ve selected cute little faces, natural colours and materials that are pleasant under little fingers.

A quality plush for a wide friendship

Once adopted, the dog plush will follow your child in all his adventures. At home, in the garden or at the nanny’s, it will faithfully accompany him, even if he has to get a few dirt, food or gouache stains. Not to mention the ear which is sucked at the same time as the thumb to reassure him during car journeys or during sleep.

In order to guarantee a dog plush that will remain soft and beautiful over the long term, we offer quality plush to resist repeated washing. On we pay attention to the robustness of our seams as well as the stuffing and the quality of the cotton fabric for an optimal resistance. We also attach a lot of importance to the fixing of the eyes and other small elements that can come off with time in order to offer a dog plush that is completely safe. This resistance is not negligible in case the child pulls on it while playing for example.

Find the dog plush on Magic

Created in 2021, has only one wish: that every child can find the plush toy that matches his expectations. And as far as the dog plush category is concerned, our models are just as cute! Just browsing through the dog plush section, you’ll feel like a child again when you see these cute little balls that make you want to cuddle them. Don’t worry, there’s no harm in buying a dog plush to enlarge your collection or to satisfy a craving for a plush toy.

Birth gift, birthday gift or just to please, you will find The dog plush that will delight your child or any other recipient without breaking the bank. Moreover, delivery is free from 40 Euros of purchase on our site, which makes it possible to make pretty gifts to several people.