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The snail is often one of the first animals that the little ones can observe. It lives on the ground and is at their level. As it moves slowly, it cannot escape their attention and they can look at it at their leisure. It also looks funny with its slimy body and its unique shell. They are intrigued and fascinated by this original little animal. No wonder it is one of the children’s favourite animals. With My Plush, extend the pleasure by giving him his own soft snail to take everywhere.

How to choose a snail plush for your child?

Magic plush offers a wide variety of snail plush. To make your choice, several criteria. Start by asking yourself to whom you wish to offer this snail plush. Smaller children will have difficulty holding a model that is too large, for example, so it is better to avoid them for babies. So remember to check whether the model you have caught your eye is suitable for the age of the recipient.

Land or sea snails, realistic or more original, many styles of snails are available on My Plush. Short-haired models are easier to clean, while long-haired ones are softer to the touch. All our plush toys are made from durable materials such as cotton. Their quality is carefully checked and conforms to the standards in force to guarantee your safety.

Smaller sizes of plush snails will be more suitable for play. The large ones are really decorative. Soft and round, they are so pleasant that some children will even adopt them as an extra pillow for naps. Their pastel colours are a perfect match for a nursery or children’s room.

Give her a stuffed toy of her favourite snail

Some of the plush snails offered in our catalogue are cartoon stars. Have you heard of Turbo, the fastest snail in the world? If you haven’t, chances are your child has! This gastropod is the star of a series of feature films by the Dreamworks animation studio. It is impossible to confuse it, with its finish line flag and its race number, it is recognisable between thousands. It is even available in several formats.

Older children may be more familiar with Sponge Bob. The famous cartoon character is one of the most popular characters that has marked several generations of children. His pet, the Gary Wilson Junior sea snail, can be found in the selection offered by My Plush. Adorable little multicoloured beast, this famous character is a must-have in the series. Did you know that this is the only snail that expresses itself by meowing? He will delight all fans of the franchise, from the youngest to the oldest!

What snail plush as a baby gift?

When you give a plush toy as a birth gift, you hope that this little companion will accompany the infant throughout its childhood, or even its life. It is therefore not a gift to be chosen lightly. Why not choose one of our adorable plush snails? Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a playmate.

If in the first few months, babies can’t reach their own toys, they quickly become overly curious. Choose soft toys with pleasant textures, but with short hair, as they are easier to maintain. Preferably opt for a small model, as baby will be able to grab it more quickly on his own. It can then become his best friend for hours of play and laughter and thus your best ally against your little one’s boredom.

Did you know that babies only start to distinguish colours at around 3 months? Before that and for some time afterwards, they can only distinguish contrasts. So consider a soft toy with high contrast colours or patterns to help your baby become more alert and curious.

Once baby has adopted his new favourite companion, consider buying an extra one or two. This will save you the embarrassment of having to explain to your child that the beloved cuddly toy has been misplaced. What parent wouldn’t want to spare their little one this heartache?

Be sure to please with Magic Plush

As you will have understood, Magic plush offers a wide and diversified selection of snail plushies. Whether you want to offer a birth gift, spoil your child or even please a nostalgic adult, you will find your happiness in our catalogue.

Whatever your budget, the size you want or your favourite colour, you will find the perfect snail for you: green snail plush, cartoon star, soft sea snail or even a large decorative snail. Discover all our proposals and make your choice from our wide range of snail plush. Be sure to please with a cute and original gift. All you have to do is find the one that suits you and place your order on

Each of the playmates offered by Magic plush has been carefully checked. You benefit from the best quality of manufacture for a price accessible to all. You can therefore be reassured that you are buying a product that is both healthy and safe and that will not put your child in danger.

Don’t forget that Magic plush offers you free delivery from 40 euros of purchase. Soft toys are timeless gifts that have always amused and accompanied children. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself and your loved ones.