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Magic Plush has the largest collection of quality Patrol Patrol toys available today.

Zuma, Stella, Everest… Magic Plush offers these incredible plush characters. Bring fun and joy to your children on a daily basis with these plush toys.

Our Paw Patrol plushies are made in our partner workshop to order to guarantee the highest possible quality.

The Paw Patrol, your little one’s favourite superhero team

The Pat’ Patrol is a team of superheroes who protect the city of Adventure Bay. They consist of six puppies, each with unique skills and characteristics. Each member of the team has their own mission and work style. The leader of the team is Ryder, a young boy who created the Patrol to help the people of Adventure Bay.

He leads the team with great intelligence and responsibility. He has a magic bag that contains all the tools they need to solve their missions. Marshall is the first dog of the Pat’ Patrol. He is a very brave Dalmatian and is always ready to jump into the fray. He is very fast and agile and can run faster than any other member of the team. He is also a very good firefighter and can use his fire hose to put out fires.

Ruben is the second dog in the Pat’ Patrol. He is a very intelligent and curious German Shepherd. He is able to find solutions to the most difficult problems and solve the most complex puzzles. Accompanied by their many friends, they help the inhabitants of their town on a daily basis.

Patrol Plushies, tenderness and joy at will

Patrol Patrol stuffed animals have become an integral part of the lives of children around the world. They are soft, cuddly and truly endearing. They bring incredible tenderness to the little ones who love them.Patrol Plush are available in a variety of different sizes and colours. Children can choose their favourite plush and take it everywhere with them. They are made of soft and durable materials, which makes them really long-lasting.

They are also filled with foam and fibre for added comfort and support. These Patrol Pawpaw-shaped towels are perfect for kids who need a soft, comforting friend. They can accompany them wherever they go and give them a sense of security and protection. Children can snuggle up to them and feel loved and protected.

The plushies featuring the Patroller heroes are not only soft and cuddly, but they are also completely easy to care for. They can be washed by hand or machine and dry quickly. They don’t lose their shape and stay as soft as the first day.

Newborns and their constant need for attention.

Babies need comfort and love to feel safe and happy. Babies have basic needs that must be met to enable them to grow and thrive. Comfort is one of these basic needs. Comforting begins at birth. A baby needs to be held, stroked and loved to feel secure and reassured. Babies who are regularly stroked and cuddled by their parents develop confidence in themselves and in those around them.

Babies who do not receive enough reassurance may have difficulty attaching to others and forming healthy relationships. Comfort can take many forms. It can be cuddles, kisses, songs or lullabies. Babies can also find comfort in familiar objects such as blankets, stuffed animals or cuddly toys. These objects can help babies feel calmer and fall asleep more easily. Comfort is essential for babies’ well-being and development.

Stuffed animals, a way to bring comfort and tenderness to babies.

Patroller stuffed animals are a magical way to bond between babies and their parents. The soft fur, bright colours and fun shapes of these toys make them perfect companions for toddlers. Soft toys are a source of love and comfort for babies. Parents can give their baby a soft toy to hold and cuddle. The softness and warmth of the stuffed animal soothes the baby and gives him a sense of security.

Patrol Patrol hero stuffed animals can also help babies develop their senses. The soft and varied textures of the plush toys stimulate touch and encourage the baby to explore. The bright colours and fun shapes of the plush toys stimulate baby’s vision and fine motor skills. Patrol Plush is also a great way to create lasting memories. Parents can give their baby a stuffed animal that will last a lifetime and always remind them of their love and support. Cuddly toys can also be passed on from generation to generation, allowing babies to feel connected to their family and heritage.