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Do you need a Mickey plush to please your child or a loved one? Welcome to, your reference shop for the purchase of Disney plush. You will find in our collection the ideal mickey mouse plush to play with your little one and become his best friend.

A Mickey plush to bring joy to toddlers

Mickey, everyone knows him! He’s the children’s favourite mouse. He has big ears, a cute little nose and a sweet smile that never leaves his lips. Mickey comes straight from the Disney film Mickey Mouse. He is an adorable character. He is smiling, sociable, intelligent and always ready to help his friends: Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto. It’s impossible not to love this cute little mouse. Young and old alike know him and will love having a plush toy of his.

Your child will certainly love it too. To make him happy, do not hesitate to choose a Mickey plush among the models proposed in our catalogue. You will inevitably find one that he will like. Small Mickey plush, giant Mickey plush, sleeping Mickey plush … the choice is wide. All you have to do is choose the model adapted to the age and taste of your girl or boy.

A Mickey plush to become your kid’s playmate

Every child will love having Mickey as a friend. The mouse is so kind and tender that one can only wish to be part of his circle of friends.

With a Mickey-shaped plush toy, you will be able to make your little one’s dream come true. He will perceive it as the real Mickey he sees every day on TV. He will play with it as a toy, but also as a real playmate. Indeed, this Disney plush is no ordinary toy. It will also become the best friend of your girl or boy. When he or she wishes, his or her friend Mickey will be able to accompany him or her everywhere. He will participate in all his adventures. Mickey Mouse is enthusiastic and funny. Your child will find his company fun.

Mickey plush: the best nap time companion for your child

A Mickey Plush won’t just play with your baby. Like a real cuddly toy, it will also be there to help him fall asleep during his nap times. The presence of this toy will bring reassurance to your little one. Even if you are not there to put him to sleep, his friend Mickey will be able to provide him with everything he needs to spend a restful and peaceful night. Don’t hesitate to choose our Mickey sleeping plush to help your baby sleep well.

Super soft, the Mickey plush will also be the best companion your child needs to comfort him when he is sad or alone. If you are not around, his Disney plush will take care of comforting him. It will give him tenderness and help him feel better.

This also applies to older children. In our collection we have giant Mickey Mouse plush toys that can help you feel less lonely at home. You’ll love snuggling up to its soft fur when you go to bed at night. You will receive tenderness and love from your Mickey Mouse plush. It will relieve you of the stresses of the day and offer you an arm to lay on to quickly find sleep.

Healthy Mickey plush toys for your baby at Magic Plush

Every parent would love to give a Mickey plush to their children. And it’s a good gesture knowing that it’s much more than just a toy for them. However, in order to avoid putting your little one’s health at risk, it is crucial to choose a healthy plush toy. What is a healthy plush toy you ask?

Well, it’s simply a plush toy that is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly for your child. In other words, the plush should be made of quality material. A material that will not cause your child to become allergic or ill.

Indeed, a puppy in the shape of Mickey has a huge chance of being adopted as baby’s favourite soft toy. This means that he will never be separated from it, either to play or to sleep. He will spend a lot of time with his companion. Your little one will cuddle and kiss his Mickey Mouse plush. At times, he may even put it in his mouth.

If the toy is not completely safe, your baby’s health could be at risk. That’s why it’s important to invest in a healthy Mickey Mouse plush toy like the one we offer on In addition to the quality of the materials used to manufacture our products, we also make them to order in our partner workshop. All this to offer you the best possible quality.

Where to buy a cheap Mickey plush

Find your mickey mouse and Minnie plush at affordable prices on My Plush. Specialising in online plush sales, our shop can provide you with all the Disney plush you need. Browse our collection. Choose your soft toy mickey and order it in a few clicks from your computer or smartphone. In addition to our already very competitive prices, you also benefit from free delivery if the total amount of your purchases on our shop reaches 40 euros.