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The rabbit plush, to find a child’s familiar animal

The rabbit is popular, the rabbit populates children’s stories.
From birth, the little one sees rabbits everywhere: on his bodysuits, pyjamas, socks, clothes, but also on childcare materials and accessories: bed linen, bibs, towels, dishes, etc.

The rabbit is also a domestic friend, which, because of its size and the small space it occupies, can be found in families when they have a piece of garden. The rabbit is a herbivore. It does not eat other animals and is harmless to other animals and children. It therefore has a benevolent and totally positive image.

The rabbit is even used for Easter. Depending on the country or region, it is not the bells, but the rabbits that lay the eggs in the gardens. He is eagerly awaited, like Father Christmas.

The word “rabbit” itself is often used by parents to affectionately name their child. It is thus by imitation that the child can call his or her stuffed rabbit, as his or her parents do with him or her: my little rabbit, rabbit, etc.

The rabbit thus has many assets, it has everything going for it. It is an animal full of qualities, generous, warm, gentle.

The rabbit plush and the character of the rabbit in the child’s imagination

The nursery rhymes learned at home and at nursery school that contain rabbits are numerous: Mon petit lapin, Mon petit lapin a bien du chagrin, Dans sa maison, un grand cerf, etc. As a result, the rabbit is already very close to children even before it is chosen for a stuffed animal.

The rabbit is one of the first animal names learnt by children, long before they enter nursery school. The farm theme is well represented in non-fiction books for the very young, educational games such as lotto, memo and food games. Children already have a lot of knowledge about this animal: food, habitat, vocabulary of parents and children, etc.

children’s literature is full of books with rabbit characters: Bon appétit Monsieur Lapin, La brouille, Les bons amis, etc. There are also recurring characters, both contemporary and older: Jeannot Lapin, Pierre Lapin, Simon le superlapin.

These works of children’s literature are widely used in kindergarten classes and even in previous years in crèches or early childhood facilities.

The rabbit is always portrayed to his advantage. He is generous, he is kind, he has friends. All of these character traits can be found in the rabbit plushies.

Why do children need a bunny soft toy?

In addition to the need for a cuddly toy or transitional object, the need to surround oneself with tenderness and softness is paramount in the youngest children. It can be fulfilled with his family, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, but also with pets, toys or stuffed animals.

The desire to have a pet is not always possible at home. The companion serves as a confidant, a friend to the child. The rabbit plush can replace the animal. In addition, it requires less care and takes up less space than a real rabbit. It also does not transmit diseases to the child. Finally, it is possible to take it everywhere with you, unlike a live rabbit or pet.

It is therefore with the utmost naturalness that the rabbit is frequently found in the offer of plush toys. Very soft, the rabbit plush will be stroked, cuddled, like a real rabbit. It’s not just little ones who surround themselves with bunny plushies. As children grow up, they still keep and hold on to their bunny plush, right up to their early teens and often beyond.

What bunny plush toys to choose for your child

In our online shop, you will find many models of rabbit plush. You will be able to acquire a rabbit plush for boys, for girls, at low prices, in all sizes, in several colours and patterns. Rabbit plushies are among the most popular plushies offered to newborns.

With their large ears, small tail and four legs, toddlers and older children can grab any part of the plush to hold, throw, catch, suck, chew, put in their mouths: basic gestures and needs in the youngest.

Plain rabbit plushies will please the youngest: white, beige, pink, purple, grey… Then you will find rabbit plush with accessories or patterns: rabbit with star, bottle, rainbow, carrot, strawberry or rabbit. The rabbit plush can also be used as a pillow. Rabbit plush can also be dressed up or disguised: plush with a whale hat, with a green, pink or blue outfit, for the pleasure of older children.

As for the giant rabbit plush, pink, white or grey, 90 cm high, they will make the little ones and teenagers and their parents fall in love. You can curl up in them, lean on them to read or play. Magic plush white rabbit is also a decorative object for the children’s room. It brings softness, tenderness and comfort to children’s rooms. Their pastel colours are soothing.

Our bunny plushies are made of cotton, all soft, they are perfect for the sensitive skins of the youngest children. The cotton bunny plushies will easily withstand the machine washings that are essential to maintain good hygiene. As bunny plushies are often soiled by drooling and crying, they need to be washed frequently. Our quality plush toys will keep their colours and qualities (softness, suppleness) after several washings in the washing machine.