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Stuffed animals, those protective and warm friends

For years, the plush toy has been known for its popularity among parents and little ones. It has many assets that make it the toy that accompanies children from birth. It is called a “cuddly toy” when they become attached to it and attach particular importance to it. It accompanies them on a daily basis until it becomes their confidant. It contributes to their psychological and intellectual development.

It plays an important role in awakening their senses, for example. In certain situations, it reassures them. With this toy, they feel safe wherever they are. This cuddly toy has a familiar smell that reminds them of home when they are at nursery or school.

Experts recommend choosing a child’s soft toy correctly. One of the rules to follow is the manufacturing process, which must comply with current European standards. The aim is to safeguard the health, well-being and safety of children. Their age should also be taken into account. It should help them to grow and develop. In the trade, toys are classified according to this criterion. The list of criteria includes the appearance of the toy. It can represent an animal, an object, a plant, a cartoon character or a person. Currently, there are Blastoise puppets featuring Pokémon cartoon characters.Some toys may be more affordable than others while they are better. Some toys may be more affordable than others, even though they are better. They are tailored to the needs of the child. Parents can ask the shopkeeper or a specialist to help them find the ideal soft toy for their baby. These professionals are armed to offer the advice that parents need.

Reasons to buy a Blastoise soft toy for your child

As a soft toy, this Blastoise plays many important roles. It is involved in a child’s psychological and emotional development.

Your collection of Pokemon must absolutely include the mythical Pokemon Blastoise as it is a first generation Pokemon.

It is in the guise of tortue which has evolved several times in the game. Those in the know will know that it is the evolution of Carabaffe from level 36, itself the evolution of Carapuce from level 16.

And since the 6th generation, Blastoise can transform into a Mega-Blastoise.

The sense of security

Psychologists give the comforter the name transitional object. This toy allows the child to keep his bearings wherever he is. He feels safe, even if he is far from his home and, above all, from his mother. It is impregnated with the smell of the latter, hence the feeling of security. It is optional, because the child can have a psychic transitional object. However, having a physical object facilitates the separation. Have you noticed that the child often holds it in his arms and places it next to his heart? This seemingly harmless gesture has a meaning. His toy gives him confidence.

The company

A bond is created between the child and his soft toy over time. His Blastoise becomes his friend. As he grows, he seems to share his experiences with his toy. The toy becomes part of his world. Sometimes he confides in it as someone who can understand and listen to him. Some children express their feelings better when they are with their soft toy. It is their daily playmate. Later on, it can become part of his most precious memories.

The toy

This object is, above all, a toy that develops the child’s imagination. Its colour and design are studied to enable it to fulfil this role. The Blastoise-shaped plush reminds him of the Pokémon universe, for example. With it, he creates an imaginary world where he can play with the other characters from his favourite cartoon.

A plush toy adapted to the child’s age

To enjoy its benefits, you need to choose your child’s soft toy well. In the list of parameters to consider counts the age.

From 0 to 36 months

Children in this age group are still fragile and the choice of their toy should not be trivial. Parents must look after their safety and health. In general, the baby blanket should be soft and hypoallergenic. It should also be the right size for the child. It is important to check each component of the cuddly toy, such as the eyes. They can become detached and cause accidents. For your baby, you can opt for a toy with embroidered eyes.

From 3 years to 5 years

It is from the age of 3 that your child’s soft toy becomes his friend. He invents stories in which it plays an important role. They take care of it and often keep it close to them. They even carry it to bed with them when they sleep. He confides his secrets to it. Giving him a Blastoise Plush can be a good idea, especially if it represents his favourite cartoon character.

At this age, you can give him several stuffed animals. Ideally, they should be shock resistant and easy to clean.

After 5 years

At 5 years old, the child gradually detaches from his soft toy. He separates from it when he is at school. Nevertheless, it is still their favourite playmate. From this age onwards, you can offer him a larger toy that fits his size. In this sense, the Blastoise plush is always an option that parents can turn to.

A quality plush that is easy to care for

There are other parameters to consider when choosing a child’s soft toy. These include safety, material of manufacture and maintenance.


Your child takes his toy everywhere. To this end, it should be :

  • Solid: a secure comforter is weather resistant. It keeps its fur, eyes, ears, mouth and all other body parts despite shocks.
  • Respects CE and NF standards.
  • Adapted to his age: you should avoid toys with batteries as much as possible, for example.

The material

The toy must be made of a material that respects the health and well-being of the child. Teddies come in cotton and wool, for example. The former is favoured for its softness and resistance to washing in hot water. The latter has an insulating property. The blanket keeps the child warm in winter. Whatever the material chosen, the most important thing is to ensure that it is hypoallergenic.


The child carries his toy everywhere he goes. It gets dirty on the move and needs regular maintenance. Bacteria can quickly invade it and harm the owner’s health. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose a teddy bear that is waterproof and washable at 30°C minimum. This toy needs regular washing to keep it clean, i.e. at least once a month.

The price

In the trade, plush toys come in several models depending on their price. You can choose the right one for your child according to your budget. To this end, a quality Blastoise toy can be affordable. In order to choose a child’s comforter properly, you can focus on its durability, ease of care and medical benefits.

We hope you enjoy browsing our shop for your favorite Blastoise for yourself, your children, or another Pokemon plush fan.