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Of course, you’re looking for a really cute stuffed animal. But what if your child doesn’t go for the traditional kittens and teddy bears? There are plenty of other choices available! For example, give him a frog plush with a friendly face and bright colours. A cute, chewy toy that your toddler can snuggle up to for softness and comfort.

The frog plush: an original gift for an original child

If many children naturally turn to puppies or teddy bears, some mark their difference very early on by taking a liking to animals… let’s say, a little less ordinary. Don’t worry, the catalogue has something for everyone!

Present in fairy tales and legends from many countries, often associated with mystery and magic, the frog has always been appreciated for its round shape and unusual face. Its croaking, its big bulging eyes and its amusing little leaps make it a creature apart that stimulates the imagination of children. Inoffensive looking, it is also perceived as a symbol of luck and happiness in some Eastern cultures.

With its funny and affable look, the frog plush will become a faithful daily companion for your little one. He’s seen it before, through books and cartoons, perhaps even crossed paths with it at the bend of a pond or marsh on a previous walk. It is an unusual figure, but one that immediately inspires confidence. The frog blanket will bring laughter and mischief to baby during the day, and will watch over his precious sleep during the night.

Play and learn with the plush frog

Taken up with work or else with domestic chores, no parent can devote all of his time to his child. However, they can do everything possible to ensure that they never feel alone. The frog plush is the perfect gift for little ones to take with them for a cuddle when mum and dad are busy elsewhere. The friendly amphibian can’t replace you everywhere, however thanks to him your toddler, girl or boy, will always have a tender moment at hand.

Loyal and affectionate, the plush toy never goes out of fashion. But more than just a fun and soothing toy, it is also an essential development tool for the very young. Not only does it help babies discover their senses, but it also encourages the construction of their imagination on a daily basis. By equipping it with accessories and involving it joyfully in its activities, your baby unknowingly develops its motor skills and forms its understanding of the world.

The frog plush therefore has more than one card to play with your little darling. First of all, it provides him with all the happiness you would expect from a friend during playtime. Then snuggled up against his chest, it takes over to reassure him during his nap. In short, the plush accompanies the child in learning about life and allows him to dream his own stories. Just like you, it encourages his expression and simply helps him to grow up.

How to choose a frog plush for your child

It goes without saying that each stage of childhood has a slightly different frog plush. The angel in the cot doesn’t have the same relationship to his furry accomplice as the elementary school student, but both can find great appeal in it.

Constantly in need of reassurance and pampering, babies need to be able to cuddle a softly textured, smiling blanket when you leave their sight. Softness, simplicity and cuteness are the cursors to push without hesitation. Up to the age of four or five, the most important thing is that the frog can be picked up and held, to help it gradually overcome the anxiety of your absence. Also note that the cute frog plushie should not have any plastic parts: opt for embroidered eyes in particular.

A young schoolboy may no longer see his stuffed animals as comforting objects, but rather as allies who support him in silence. The humorous appearance of the character, the good friend aspect, therefore become selection criteria. At this age, you can choose a wacky, Pokémon-like frog, or a comfortable 3D pillow frog plush that combines fun and relaxation in one.

Finally, a pre-teen will probably prefer to receive a frog with a manga design or a replica of a famous character, such as the famous Kermit from the Muppets, to put as a decorative object on a bed or a shelf. The fluffy frog thus becomes an element of personalisation of the room, at a time when self-assertion holds a great role in emotional development.

A safe and better quality plush frog

Safety is a must when a little one is going to spend hundreds of hours cuddling their furry pet. You have the right and the duty to demand that your child’s toys are absolutely safe.

That’s why the plush frogs offered by have all been made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials. They are made of healthy fibres, mainly cotton, and are safe for prolonged contact with the eyes and mouth. Nothing should spoil the unique relationship between your toddler and his new frog plush. However, please check the product sheet before making your choice: due to their weight or design, some plush toys are intended for children of a minimum age.

That’s it, now you’re all set to give your little green beast fan his gift! Find easily the frog plush that suits him in our vast collection of articles and take advantage of our free shipping from 40€ purchase.