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As children’s favourite toys, cuddly toys have been among the best-selling toys in the world for several years.

You want to give your little one a toy to keep them entertained. Stuffed goats are perfect for your children, whatever their age. They entertain them and keep them company during the day and at night. So give your child their first best friend!

Stuffed animals keep your kids from getting hooked on screens

Your child is a fan of screens and you want to prevent a possible addiction as soon as possible. There is a safe and effective way to do this. It’s called plush toys. These toys are known to capture attention and provide healthy entertainment. Stuffed goats are perfect for this purpose. They are very beautiful and colourful. Thanks to these characteristics, they quickly capture attention, reminding children of their favourite cartoon characters. They can’t resist the beauty of these toys.

So, by giving your children these cuddly toys, you are opting for the most effective method of keeping them away from screens. Naturally, the hours your little angel spends in front of the television or smartphone will decrease considerably. These hours will be replaced by hours of entertainment with their stuffed goat. They will be able to play many games with their other toys and perhaps discover their innate talent for acting or directing. All they have to do is create scenarios in their imagination.

From then on, hours of play will follow hours of play. Little by little, your child will become less dependent on screens and will be less reluctant to abandon the television to enter his or her imaginary world with playmates. Also, these adorable plush goats help you to avoid potential eyesight problems for your children. Indeed, the light rays of the screens can cause photophobia and sometimes encourage the onset of myopia.

Stuffed goats accompany children during their naps

Does your child occasionally require your presence by his side as he falls asleep? This is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it means that your child has you at heart. However, on some days your absence may prevent your child from sleeping.

To reduce your child’s dependence on you at bedtime, there is a very simple and inexpensive solution. You can give your child a stuffed goat that will be his toy during the day and become his best friend. When it’s time to go to bed, he’ll find this new best friend safe and quiet and will fall asleep without difficulty. Your child will be delighted to feel the fur of the plush goat on his back. It will be less and less difficult for him to fall asleep without you.

You will be able to occupy yourself in a different way while your child is in bed.

Stuffed goats can replace pillows

Plush goats are made of an extremely soft and fluffy material. When this comes into contact with the skin, it gives a great feeling of well-being. Your child will enjoy these benefits when playing with the plush goat. Why not let your child enjoy them while sleeping?

By using this accessory as a pillow, your child will be able to sleep for long hours without complaining of neck or back pain when they wake up. A plush goat as a pillow allows your child to keep his or her spine in a natural position; the neck in line with the rest of the body. This will make his sleep deep and restful; allowing him to benefit from a good physical, mental and cognitive development.

The stuffed goat is a perfume bank

Plush goats retain scents very quickly. Thus, stuffed animals adopt the smell of children, parents, etc. very quickly. This means that the stuffed animals are able to give off the smell they have had time to store. The scent of the plush goat has several functions. At bedtime, as well as at night, your child will be enveloped by the wonderful scent of the plush goat that you have chosen. This will make his sleep lighter. Your child will feel safe and secure in spite of your absence.

Also, when they are sad, all they have to do is hold their stuffed goat tightly. The scent of the stuffed goat will make them feel better in a few minutes.

How to choose a plush goat for your child?

The company “my plush” markets a wide variety of plush toys. In the family of plush goats, you will find among others:

– the “plush doctor”;

– the “mountain goat plush”.

Depending on your child’s gender and taste, you can choose a suitable soft toy.

Mixed cuddly toys are also good companions. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, you won’t have to deal with complaints about the colour of the toy. Your child’s playtime will be more interesting!

The age of your child should also be taken into account.

The plush toys sold by “magic plush” meet the highest manufacturing standards for plush toys. Our plush goats are made entirely of healthy, hypoallergenic cotton. They are safe for your child, even if he or she puts them in the mouth.

However, this is not a good enough reason to ignore the age of your child when making your choice. So make sure you check each time if the plush is suitable for the age range that includes your child’s age.

A stuffed goat is a great gift for children of all ages. They are perfect for keeping company during the day and at night. The softness and cuddliness of these plush toys make them the perfect headrest. Don’t deprive your child of all this happiness.

Whether it’s a cute goat plush, a blue-eyed goat plush or a girl’s goat plush, your child will be happy. The doctor of cuddly toys keeps saying: “A cuddle and everything is fine”.