Solid plush for dogs

Solid plush for dog : How to choose it ?

Puppies chew for a variety of reasons. But be aware that this is a normal process. The action helps the animal learn and explore. However, some breeds are more chewy than others. One example is the Boxer. It has a playful character. However, biting causes annoyance to the owner. The addiction could lead to serious damage to shoes or other belongings in the home. The damage is even more serious with adult dogs. In order to meet its psychological needs, it is advisable to buy a solid dog toy. It should not act alone, because you must also educate your companion.

What are the criteria for choosing a dog toy?

Dogs can quickly get tired of their toys. You should consider a mix. Apart from the plush toy, you can include a comforter or a ball in the mix. This way, you’re just changing the trinket on that fateful day. Then after a while, you can simply reuse the item. The beast will then think it’s a new gadget. Another tip is to vary the stuffed animals at your disposal. Here are the features to look for:

Indestructible plush

First of all, a dog can bite with the full power of its jaw. A fragile plush will then be torn and shredded. Then you should buy another one. To avoid the inconvenience, it is recommended to bet on indestructible plush. They are strong because of the material they are made of. In principle, manufacturers use rubber. Sometimes, the thickness of the toy is even doubled to meet this requirement.

For a quality plush toy, you can check out our previous article in which we show you how to find quality plush toys.

A suitable size

Once on the market, you will discover several sizes of plush. The buyer should select the toy according to the size of the animal. A tiny toy is not obvious for a dog with imposing sizes such as German shepherds or Saint Bernards. The mouth of the hound is too big. Thus, he could accidentally swallow his teddy bear. The toy will then settle down through his throat. On the other hand, a chiwawa will have a problem chewing on a huge stuffed toy. He will not use the object. You lose money without having achieved the desired goal.

The safety aspect

Toys can be dangerous for our dogs. Examples of this are ribbons or strings. These decorative elements should be removed from our stuffed animals. The eyes are also a risk factor as well as the nose. They are made of plastic and sometimes fall off the body of the toy. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to forget about trinkets with detachable parts. If you have children, please refer to the information on the label.

Une peluche pour chien solide

The different types of plush toys for dogs

There are three types of plush toys you can buy in a pet store. There is the squeaky plush, the string plush and the no-fluff version.

Squeaky plush

The squeaky plush makes a sound with a simple touch. The animal will be amused by the sounds. It is also a good idea to keep your dog busy for a while. He will try by all means to reach the room emitting the sound nuisance.

The accessory is available in various sizes and textures. Dogs like squeaky toys for several reasons. First of all, our companions consider the sounds emitted as wounded animals looking for help. In short, their hunting instinct resurfaces. Second, it reassures the animal that its bites are effective.

The barking will also stimulate the dog. He will then want to be entertained regularly with his trifle. In addition, it is recommended during throwing games. When falling, the tones will allow your dogs to quickly find the accessory. They will then be able to bring back the toy in the hands of the thrower.

The plush with a rope

There are plush toys equipped with a rope. Thanks to the rope, the dog will be able to catch the toy easily. This is not the only advantage of the device. Several games can be organized with this cord. For example, there is tug-of-war. Here, it is recommended to stretch gently, because the beast could become aggressive. The cuddly toy is not only for entertainment. It can be used for dental scaling.

The plush without stuffing

The plush can also be composed or without padding. The versions with padding remain an alternative to cuddling because of its softness. The dog could then sleep with the element. That being said, you must always take into account the information announced above concerning the danger of the element. The non-capitalized ranges are the ones to go for if your dog would tend to chew everything in its path.

Un chien qui essaye d'abîmer sa peluche

What are the measurements and figures of the plush?

When choosing the size, the safest way is to measure his jaw beforehand. The models on the market offer sizes from S to XL. Smaller cuddly toys are suitable to accompany rest. On the other hand, if his main function was play, opt for moderate-sized toys. Its volume should only be a few centimeters larger than its muzzle. The plush will be easy to hold in your hands.

The figurines represented are also varied. You can choose between different types of animals. Ideally, it is advisable to select a model based on pets such as a cat. Indeed, if you raise a kitten, it will be difficult for the dog to differentiate the toy from the real feline. It could then jump at the cat’s throat. Moreover, the risks will increase depending on the breed. Some lack sociability towards different animals.
But beyond this recommendation, the master can adopt ducks, squirrels, hedgehogs or even dinosaurs. There are even prototypes without apparent shape.

What colors of plush dog to choose?

Dogs’ eyes lack cones compared to a human. These are the photo receptor cells of the eye. As such, they only see certain colors. Moreover, colored images are less sharp. The cones make it possible to distinguish the wavelengths. Dogs have two cones while humans have three. Your companions are then color blind.

The choice of the color of the toy must be strategic. It happens that dogs do not distinguish the object. Red is therefore to be avoided as well as green. These two colors become gray for his eyes. On the other hand, blue is easily discernible. You can also choose a purple indestructible plush.
The use of the right colors also offers therapeutic care for dogs. The technique is called chromotherapy. Blue, for example, has a relaxing effect. It soothes the animal and reduces its stress level. Purple is suitable for dogs with anxiety. However, you will know that only a dog trainer will be able to understand his mental state.

Find a washable model

Washing is another point to scrutinize. The plush should be compatible with a washing machine. This is a matter of hygiene. Simply set the machine on a gentle cycle. You can use a detergent to maximize cleanliness. Once the stains are removed, you need to put it in a dryer. Cleaning is essential to preserve the fleece from bacteria. Some materials are sensitive when entering a washer. It is therefore wise to read the label to understand its weaknesses.

In conclusion, there are many selection criteria to check when buying the solid dog plush. You should prioritize the rubbers. The safety aspect should not be underestimated.

Un chien qui abîme sa peluche

Solid plush for dogs: How to find it?

If you have bought a plush toy for your dog, feel free to post a comment to share your experiences.

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