Girl's plush

Which plush to choose for a girl ?

Choosing a plush for a girl is above all a matter of taste, that of the child, but also of the parents. If you want to offer a nice plush to your child to accompany her in her nights, you should consider some criteria before buying. Depending on the age of your child, you can […]

How to choose a plush toy for a baby boy

How to choose a plush for baby boy?

As a transitional object par excellence, the stuffed animal or doudou is a reliable and warm companion that plays an essential role in your child’s development. And if they are naturally attracted to stuffed animals, it’s primarily because they create a certain fascination in them that leads to an avalanche of hugs and confidences. In […]

How to choose a sleeping bag

Plushies for sleeping : How to choose one ?

Cuddly toys have always had this undeniable power of attraction on the little ones. Toys for children par excellence, these stuffed animals often represent an animal. Soft and stuffed, they are the best companions for big hugs in the morning and evening before going to sleep. Their fabric composition is comparable to the scent of […]

Solid plush for dogs

Solid plush for dog : How to choose it ?

Puppies chew for a variety of reasons. But be aware that this is a normal process. The action helps the animal learn and explore. However, some breeds are more chewy than others. One example is the Boxer. It has a playful character. However, biting causes annoyance to the owner. The addiction could lead to serious […]

How to choose a plush toy for adults

How to choose a plush for adults?

The plush toy has been a great success for some time. It is more and more present in the toy stores and does not cease seducing the children. This adorable ball of fur also manages to charm teenagers and even adults. There are indeed parents who enhance their living room with a big teddy bear. […]

Quality plush

Quality plush : How to find it ?

All parents are aware that a cuddly toy is essential during their child’s growth. However, it is not always easy to find a quality plush toy that respects your little one. There are a lot of different plush toys on the market and not all of them are of very good quality. That’s why there […]

Comment nettoyer un ours en peluche ancien

How to clean an antique teddy bear?

Whether you’re a die-hard teddy bear lover or a parent who wants to reuse the family bear, one question is bound to be familiar to you: how do you clean an old teddy bear without damaging it? Indeed, washing a teddy bear whose stuffing is hanging on by a thread seems to be an extremely […]

Which plush toy to give to your girlfriend? Peluche cadeau which plush toy to give to your girlfriend 4

Which plush toy to give to your girlfriend?

For special occasions, special gifts should be given. You would like to give a special gift to your loved one to show your love, but you don’t know what. Why not give her a stuffed animal? It is a symbolic way to show your affection. Moreover, it is an object that can represent her favorite […]


Top 10 teddy bears

Children are very demanding little men. They have preferences and tastes that are sometimes beyond our imagination. They are demanding in almost everything: food, clothing, but especially toys. Toys are essential for their development and growth. As a favorite toy of children, we can rank at the top of the list: teddy bears. The teddy […]

How to wash a reversible plush? Peluche cadeau détergent how to wash a reversible plush 3

How to wash a reversible plush?

Washing your child’s reversible plush is like taking care of them. These stuffed animals are so precious to them that you will make them happy. Likewise, caring for a stuffed animal is caring for the health of your children. These toys can become a veritable nest of germs as your children drag them around. At […]

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