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Which plush toy to give to your girlfriend?

For special occasions, special gifts should be given. You would like to give a special gift to your loved one to show your love, but you don’t know what. Why not give her a stuffed animal? It is a symbolic way to show your affection.

Moreover, it is an object that can represent her favorite animal or remind her of your personality. She will never forget you after such a gift. There are several types of stuffed animals and you have to make the right choice to please your girlfriend.

How to choose a plush for your girlfriend?

If there are many different plush toys, not all of them are suitable as a gift for your girlfriend. Maybe she likes giant stuffed animals. Or maybe she has a preference for stuffed animals that represent the cartoon characters of her childhood?

When choosing a stuffed animal, you need to consider the size, shape, color and appearance of the stuffed animal. Plushies can be:

  • Cartoon characters,
  • Animals,
  • Kawaii stuffed animals,
  • Bolster plush,
  • Plush keychains,

Cartoon characters

If in your little chats with your girlfriend, you have discovered the cartoon she likes the most, it’s the perfect opportunity. You can then look for the stuffed animal from that cartoon and give it to her. For example, if Masha and Mishka is her favorite cartoon, why not give her this plush?

You will make her feel a mixture of joy and nostalgia. She will certainly see that you pay a lot of attention to her.

Animaux en peluche


This is a very important criterion for choosing a stuffed animal for your girlfriend. You have to be careful not to choose an animal that she can’t stand. If she prefers monkeys to bears, then choose a stuffed monkey and you’re done. You will succeed in your gift.

Kawaii stuffed animals

There’s nothing better than a plush toy with big eyes, a cute smile and a big head. Women love to cuddle them, and for a long time. If you’re thinking of traveling and want to make a permanent impression on your girlfriend, this is the perfect stuffed animal.

Whenever she thinks of you, she can cuddle the plush to feel you near her. A little tip, put your perfume on the plush before giving it to her, it looks much more original.

Bolster plush

You can offer this type of plush to any type of girl. It is a type of plush that easily accompanies them in their dreams. Take advantage of this plush to make her dream about you every time she sleeps.

Keychain stuffed animals

If you want her to take your gift with her everywhere, this is the perfect plush to give her. This type of stuffed animal should not be too big, it should be very small so as not to attract attention. On the other hand, women usually don’t really like this type of plush, they prefer them bigger for big cuddles.

Some characteristics you should also consider when choosing a plush toy:

The size of the plush

If you had opted for a simple and small plush, you should reconsider your choice. Larger stuffed animals are the most popular. They offer a good cuddle, but small ones are not to be ruled out. Smaller stuffed animals can be carried everywhere.

The material of manufacture

Polyester plushies are certainly more durable and easy to care for, but you have to consider how the plushie will feel to your loved one. Opting for a cotton plush is the best choice. It is soft and tender to the touch.

When to give a plush to your girlfriend?

Cuddly toys can bring a lot of joy to your loved one, especially if it is on special occasions that you give it to her. There are many occasions that you can give her, but you should take the best ones. Some of these occasions include:

Valentine’s Day

This is a typical day for lovers. Day of gifts, you can take advantage of this beautiful occasion to offer a plush to your beloved. It is a perfect gift to show your love.

If you are a shy man, a stuffed animal is the best method to confess your feelings. A stuffed animal always expresses something so you can choose a stuffed animal that says I love you or a stuffed animal that says I want to be with you.

For a souvenir

When a trip is necessary and you have to go away from your sweetheart for a long time, you can give her a nice stuffed animal. It’s a great gift for good memories. Whenever she has the stuffed animal near her, she will remember you and your presence will never escape her.

Quelle peluche offrir à sa copine pour son anniversaire

For her birthday

This is a day when gifts are always appreciated. A stuffed animal, on this day, could give you an important place in your girlfriend’s heart (if it is not already the case).

If you were not the only person to give her gifts for her birthday, a stuffed animal, even if it seems unoriginal, could move her if you choose it carefully. So don’t hesitate to give him a stuffed animal on his birthday.

A personalized gift

When you decide to offer a plush to your girlfriend, it is an opportunity to offer a personalized gift to your beloved. To give the stuffed animal, you need to wrap it in a pouch. On the pouch, you have the possibility to personalize her first name with an embroidery. She will be able to use it to put important things for her.

The first gift

The first gift you give to your girlfriend is unforgettable. It’s a gift that stays in her mind forever. Why spend $50 on a flower that will wilt after a few days when you can give a stuffed animal for the same cost that will last forever?

Not only is it a gift that lasts a long time, but it’s also a reservoir of love that you decide to give to your girlfriend. She will be thrilled with such a gift.

Quelques raisons pour offrir une peluche à sa copine

Some reasons to give a stuffed animal to your girlfriend

A stuffed animal is one of many gifts, but the effect it has on girls is just amazing. Cuddly toys remind them of their childhood: that feeling of protection, comfort and assurance they used to get. Plushies are pretty and add a certain glow to a girl’s mood.

Plushies also make a lasting gift. Unlike roses, chocolate bars, stuffed animals last a long time, it is a gift that can last a lifetime. Plushies have a great power that chocolates or flowers can never have. They are filled with love and tenderness.

So you need to be careful when choosing a gift for your girlfriend. A stuffed animal shows her how much you care about her and can easily move you forward in your relationship.

There are many different gifts you can give your girlfriend, but stuffed animals always make an impact and make a lasting impression. Try this type of gift next time and admire the result.

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