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How to wash a reversible plush?

Washing your child’s reversible plush is like taking care of them. These stuffed animals are so precious to them that you will make them happy. Likewise, caring for a stuffed animal is caring for the health of your children. These toys can become a veritable nest of germs as your children drag them around. At all costs, it is important to avoid your child getting sick from his favorite stuffed animal.

Washing a stuffed animal requires expertise, especially a reversible octopus. Both sides need to be washed regularly. You can’t just put it in a washing machine or wash it by hand. The plush needs to keep its shape and quality. Otherwise, you will have so many explanations to make to your child, in case the plush is damaged. In addition, if you wash the plush, you should remember to disinfect it well. This way, it is clean and sanitized. When you wash these reversible lint, you also need to consider the quality of the lint. But also, how to find a way to convince your child to take his friend.

The little tips will help you in your daily life. It will make your life easier and improve the life of your child and his friend. They will also allow you to stop thinking that cleaning a cuddly toy is a chore. Because washing a stuffed animal means knowing which products to use or how often to clean it. There are so many questions and things to consider and apply. These adorable little toys need care and maintenance, so give them the best care possible.

Some tips for washing reversible plush

astuces pour laver la peluche réversible

There are several ways to go about washing a reversible plush toy. It depends on the texture of the plush fabric or the condition of the plush. But most of the time, you can wash a reversible plush either by hand, machine or dry. Reversible octopus plush is made of durable material. You should check the care label first, to see if there are any washing tips to consider. Also, you should pay attention if the toy can withstand machine washing.

It should be noted that the color of the plush will have no effect on how it is washed. Since your reversible plush is two-toned, it is either blue-green, red-blue, pink-gray… This will not influence your cleaning method. However, knowing the quality of the fabric is important. If the fabric of the plush is organic cotton, or polyester or even velvet. You need to look at the label for more indications and apply them.

Washing by hand

Washing a reversible octopus plush by hand is a good idea. If you’re worried about the lint getting ruined in the machine, this is a safe way. Although it will take you longer, it is more responsible and convenient. So, when you think of washing a plush by hand, find the time to do it until the end to avoid letting it sit in water. Otherwise, you can damage the condition of the plush. Know that hand washing is the same as machine washing. There are not many requirements to follow, but the duration of the washing will depend entirely on the stain on the plush.

  • First, pour cold or lukewarm water into a basin. Then, add neutral soap and put a few drops of shampoo if necessary. The last action is essential if the stain is not easily removed.
  • Then, soak the reversible lint for at least 15 minutes. Then put it in a basin of clean water for another 15 minutes. Squeeze out and gently hand wash any stubborn stains, and then set it to dry naturally. Make sure the lint is dried thoroughly to avoid a foul smell.

Make sure the lint can be cleaned by hand. Scrub gently with a small brush if stains remain. Remember to rinse several times so that no soap remains. When wiping, don’t wipe too hard to avoid damaging the lint. Use a hanging dryer on a well-hung thread. Avoid places exposed to the sun, the light rays degrade your plush more quickly.

Machine washing a reversible plush

If you want to keep your plush longer, you need to wash it. One of the most effective ways to get a clean lint is to machine wash it. Machine cleaning is possible if the plush is washable under these conditions. So you need to choose the right program depending on the type of lint.

For machine washing, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Take your plush and put it in a pillowcase or a net to protect it. This way, you will be sure to keep the plush in good condition. Because the pillowcase limits the damage that the plush can suffer during washing. You don’t have to worry about the plush being clean, this technique is very effective. It is also reassuring to keep the plush in good condition.
  • Select a cycle suitable for delicate laundry, with a mild liquid detergent. Program a gentle spin, maximum 500 rpm. This way, the reversible plush will not have any washing accidents. The fabric will remain soft and the plush will be clean and smell good.

Choose a low temperature wash at 30°C to get a new plush. Our plushies don’t like to be warm, it can quickly deteriorate. Too high a temperature will damage the plush and dull its color. Can you imagine a reversible plush that will lose its splendor? But if you do it right, your stuffed animal will be clean and beautiful again, ready for hugs and kisses. Dry the stuffed animal by wrapping it in a terry towel before hanging it up. This way, the sun’s rays won’t dull its color.

Dry cleaning a reversible plush at home

You can also clean a reversible plush without getting it wet. To do this, simply mix 2/3 baking soda and 1/3 flour. Pour the mixture into a bag. Then add the lint, shake to mix well. You only have to let it rest for about 5 hours. Finally remove it from the bag while shaking it vigorously. Brush the lint to remove all traces of the mixture. If you are a bit lazy or in a hurry, you can also dry spray the lint. Dry spraying is just as effective at disinfecting the lint. The dry method, however, must be done meticulously. It would be unpleasant for your children to smell flour or bicarbonate powders on the plush.

Preparing the stuffed animal to limit damage

Your child will be upset if the reversible stuffed animal loses a tentacle. Before cleaning the plush by hand or machine, check the plush for stitches or damaged areas. You should check and repair damaged areas thoroughly. This way, risks are avoided or limited before washing. To limit these risks, do not mix the plush with other toys. In this case, you should read the instructions carefully. But it is best to wash it separately.

Make the reversible plush look even better

doudou bien propre

The condition of the plush depends on how you wash it. If you apply the right methods, you can find your plush like new. You will then make your child happy. This way, he won’t throw a tantrum and won’t be reluctant to part with his stuffed animal. It is best to wash the reversible plush with your child. To do this, air dry the plush for the best hair.

Put the plush in the wind to dry and avoid the sun or the dryer. Brushing is also a good way to keep your plush for life. Of course, in the case of reversible plush, you can use a baby brush. This brush is very soft and brings out the softness of the plush even more. Brushing the plush with a cardboard brush can also help it to return to its original state.

Once the lint is clean, the drying step should be done very gently: machine dry or air dry. If the plush comes out of the wash unscathed, it may not dry well. So, for the machine option, select a low temperature program. Heat damages some lint, especially cotton and soft wool. The sun’s rays quickly wear away the color, if you want to air dry or even dry it inside the house.

Protect during washing

If the reversible plush has been in your family for a long time, make sure to protect it. In the washing machine, an empty pillowcase is ideal for this. Put the plush in a pillowcase to avoid a disaster. Slide the toy into the pillowcase and secure with safety pins if necessary. The pillowcase protects the toy from snagging in the drum of your washing machine.

Choosing the right detergent

When choosing a detergent to wash the stuffed toy, think about the stuffed toy, but also about your child. Plush toys don’t need a very strong detergent. A low ph powder detergent is just as effective as a neutral soap. Also, your child’s own shampoo will do, especially if they are small children. For toddlers, it is best touse a non-organic detergent. This type of detergent is gentle on your child’s delicate skin and the reversible lint. If you are cleaning the lint by hand, rinse it well to remove any detergent residue. This will have adverse effects on your child’s health.

Why is it necessary to wash the reversible plush?

Pourquoi laver une peluche pieuvre réversible

Your child wears his plush every day, whether it is at the nursery, at the park … In addition, if your child has the habit of chewing it, kissing it. With time, the plush can give off an unwanted odor. Then you know it’s time to wash the reversible plush. It’s also scientifically proven that plush absorbs germs very easily. In your baby’s mouth, moisture is very conducive to the growth of bacteria. Dragging the plush everywhere is a way to attract bacteria. It is therefore essential to wash your baby’s plush regularly.

Good tips for your child to accept the washing of the reversible plush

  • Since washing the plush is very important, you have to convince your child to do it. Removing the plush from your child’s hand means separating him from his friend. Today our best tips for a gentle plush wash are to collect a plush toy. The reversible plush exists in different specimen so offering your child another plush is a good idea.
  • The other solution is to wait for a time when your child is not at home and does not take the plush with him. But in this case, the cleaning of the reversible octopus plush should be done before his arrival. Most of the time, if your child is very small, he doesn’t understand the need to wash the plush. Since the reversible plush is not big enough, you can wash it quickly. Besides, if you apply the method of hand washing and dry cleaning, it will be even easier and faster.
  • To convince your child to clean the reversible plush, do the washing during his shower. There, he will see that the plush is fine with him and he doesn’t have to worry. Also, with this method, the child can already learn to wash the plush himself.
  • And if your child is already old enough, he can understand the need to wash himself. You only have to explain to him that, like people, a stuffed animal also needs to be washed. The child will then be aware of the need to clean himself and even for him it will be a use to do. In addition, as the reversible plush with two sides, you can use this to let your child know that when the plush is sad, it needs a shower.

Conclusion on how to wash a reversible plush?

It’s so cute to see your little one take their favorite stuffed animals everywhere. But it will be even better if the plush is all clean. Either way, cleanliness is key to keeping your child healthy. At sleepovers or parties with their friends, your child will be happy to have a clean stuffed animal. The well-being of your child is important, but so is the well-being of their reversible plush. However, it is not always clear how to properly how to wash a reversible plush. Children don’t know the right way to wash it, either to damage it or to wash it incorrectly. You too will be disappointed to see your child unhappy or saddened. That’s why we help you remove the stains and odor from the plush by giving your child a like-new plush.

Your child’s stuffed animal absorbs germs, so when you wash it, remember to disinfect it. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone: the stuffed animal will be clean, but also protected from germs. Reversible plush is made of durable plush material: high quality PP cotton. During washing, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. And since it has no accessories, it’s easy to wash. Since your child’s stuffed animals are nests of microbes, monthly washing is highly recommended.

Finally, the choice of products during washing must be adequate for the well-being of the children and the plushie itself. It would be unfortunate to use products that will have a negative effect on the health of your little one. Also, for the plush, read carefully the instructions of the plush. But also, the right products for the fabric of the plush should be well chosen.

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