Cleaning a lint

How do I clean a plush toy that doesn’t go in the washing machine?

Laver une peluche à la main

Today we are going to teach you how to clean a plush that does not go in the machine. Whether it’s by hand, dry, or any other way, that’s what we’re going to suggest. So, get ready to take notes and find out the different ways to take care of your child and his stuffed animal.

Our little one drags his stuffed animal or blanket with him all day long. So this toy becomes a kind of germ nest. Wherever he goes, the stuffed animal follows him: in the whole house, at school or daycare, outside… And yet we can’t totally ensure the cleanliness of these places that our children visit with their little companion. Therefore, in order to take care of your children and their little stuffed friends, we advise you to wash the latter regularly.

That’s why in this article we show you how to wash your plush. The one that does not go in the machine as washing your plush by hand or steam cleaning. Because, yes! There are plushies that for a specific reason can not be washed in the machine. Well, here we will enlighten you on the subject and give you the best advice. So that you are satisfied with the result or you can take care of your children with less difficulty. But also, so that his cuddly toy is in the best shape to live with him new adventure.

Why clean a plush without using a washing machine?

Washing our children’s stuffed animals is becoming a real challenge for parents. There are even those who consider it as a chore that they have to do. Just because it takes us time or because we don’t know what to do; or because we are afraid of damaging our child’s stuffed toy. But also, because our children almost never separate from it and we don’t want to see it in crisis during the separation.

  • However, from now on, you can take a breath and relax. Because with the right methods and techniques you can clean your child’s comforter effectively and quickly. We offer you these advantages that will convince you not to wash your plush in the machine. But why wash a plush toy without using the washing machine? The answer is as simple as this: to keep the plush in good condition. When we do not wash the plush in the machine, it stays in new condition longer. Because, if we send it to the machine, the plush will not keep its original shape. That’s why many parents are looking for tips on how to clean a stuffed animal without using the washing machine. Now, we offer you these tips that will help you keep the same plush longer and reduce the inconvenience of buying a plush for your child sooner than expected. Indeed, the less we send the plush to the machine, the more it will keep its original state, while it will be clean and healthy for our children.
  • Maybe it’s because of the label. Sometimes it is because of the instructions not to machine wash that we can’t send our child’s stuffed animal to the dry cleaner. Since there are materials that depending on their very fabric, if we wash these toys in the machine, they are damaged on the spot or become more fragile? In some cases, the plush is equipped with accessories and built-in batteries, so it can not be exposed by contact with water. In this case, it’s best to hand wash or dry clean the plush. These methods will give your child’s favorite toys a long life and make them happier with a clean companion.


  • It can also be because of the soft toy laundry products used. When we put our child’s stuffed toy in the machine, we have to use a proper detergent. However, sometimes these products are harmful to the health of our children. Because they are composed of different chemicals that will have harmful effects. In this case, we will be faced with a dilemma: to wash the comforter so that it is clean and disinfect a stuffed animal or to think first of all about the health of our children? Well, now with these tips you can apply the right products, but especially to wash them without machine so you can use natural products and without negative effects.
  • Most of the time, your child is constantly touching, caressing and kissing his stuffed animal. For health reasons, it is advisable to wash your child’s blanket or stuffed animal regularly. It is scientifically proven that when your child chews or puts the toy in his mouth, he is in contact with germs more than usual. His mouth is a moist area where germs like to stay. Therefore, it is essential, even urgent, to wash your child’s comforter by your own care. This way, you will prevent him from being a home for germs and protect him from diseases and infections. It is also a better method to disinfect a stuffed animal and wash it with dry cleaning or to wash your stuffed animal by hand at the same time.
  • With these methods, you save a lot of time and money. Most of the techniques we suggest can be done in a few minutes, only the more difficult to clean or long lived lint will require hours of cleaning. By adopting these techniques, you will have more time and the opportunity for you and your children to do the laundry together. When it comes to saving money, you have to realize that homemade products are cheap and easy to get.

How to wash without using a machine?

These few methods that we recommend are easy to do and economical. It will help you to clean your child’s comforter and stuffed animal without difficulty. Indeed, prepare a notebook and take notes, because they will be very useful.

Method 1: The coarse salt method

Gros sel

For this coarse salt method, you need:

  • Coarse salt of course
  • A reusable plastic or cotton bag. If you can’t get a reusable bag, a plastic bag will do.

How to use the ingredients for a clean plush toy:

  • Put the dirty stuffed toy in the bag.
  • Put an appropriate amount of coarse salt. The amount depends on the size of the stuffed toy, but also on how clean it is. The dirtier it is, the more coarse salt.
  • Close the bag and shake it hard.
  • After a few minutes, the toy is clean and we see the salt turn black. This is the salt that has absorbed the dirt from the lint.
  • Shake the plush one last time and brush for a more exceptional look and remove the remaining large salts.

This method not only absorbs the dirt, but also kills bacteria and viruses in the lint.

Method 2: The potato method

Another method you may have heard of: a potato method. So you need:

  • Several potatoes that you’re going to cook in water.
  • And a hard bristle brush.

To do this:

  • Clean the lint by applying crushed potato pulp to the toy. This method is especially good for large lint.
  • Let it dry overnight in a well-ventilated area.
  • The next morning, gently brush the stuffed animal with a stiff brush to restore its shape.

Method 3: Cleaning a stuffed animal with bicarbonate

You will need:

  • A bag large enough to hold the lint.
  • A stiff bristle brush.
  • Baking soda.
  • And flour.

In quantity, the baking soda should be 2/3 and the flour in 1/3.

To do this you need to:

  • Pour the baking soda and flour into the bag. Make sure to mix them well.
  • After that, put the lint in the bag.
  • Wait at least 5 hours before taking it out and then brush it.

This method is best if your child can do without the stuffed animal during the 5 hours of cleaning or if you have a substitute stuffed animal or game to offer while waiting for those hours.

Method 4: Use of terre de Sommières

Terre de sommière

Ingredients and tools needed:

  • Sommières earth.
  • A hard bristle brush

How to use it?

  • Sprinkle the plush with terre de Sommières. Terre de Sommières is a natural stain remover that is not harmful to humans, the environment or the lint.
  • Make sure you don’t use too little or too much, but just enough depending on the size of the lint.
  • Leave overnight. This time of action of the earth of Sommières depends only on the size of the lint to be cleaned and the age of the task.
  • And brush in the morning to put back the hair of the toy.

Like the previous method, it is necessary that your child does not claim his blanket at night it’s only in the morning that he can get it back.

Method 5: Cleaning by hand and with water

You need to prepare :

  • 3 washcloths.
  • A few drops of child-friendly shampoo.
  • A few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  • Warm water.

With the materials ready and at your disposal, you must now :

  • Take the first glove and moisten it by adding soapy water, then clean the lint while rubbing on the stain you want to remove.
  • Use the second glove to rinse the lint. Remember to rinse well to prevent soap from remaining on the lint.
  • Then with the third dry glove, gently dry the lint.

Method 6: The disinfection method

This method consists of both cleaning a lint and disinfecting it. In effect, you need:

  • Water
  • A container to wash the lint
  • Soap in neutral ph or adapted to the child or a washing-up liquid
  • And alcohol at 70 °C

So, for this method you must :

  • Put in the soapy water some alcohol at 70 °C.
  • Leave for a few minutes so that the toy absorbs some of the water, rinse and then dry it in the sun.
  • It is very good to take stuffed toys outside. Exposure to the sun is the easiest and most economical way to clean plush toys. Besides, ultraviolet rays can effectively kill some invisible bacteria and ensure the basic hygiene of toys.

When you put the plush in the sun for drying, make sure the rays pass through the toy. However, if the plush is light-colored, the sun can fade the color of the plush after several washes and can deteriorate the toy.

Method 7: Cleaning a plush toy with starch

Starch is used in the cleaning of delicate fabrics. However, it is a very strong cleaner. It is especially used to remove blood stains.

Like other methods, you can use starch.

The trick to using it:

  • Wet the starch very lightly and when you get a paste, put it on the stain you want to remove.
  • Let it air dry.
  • Once the paste is dry, all you have to do is rub or scrape it off.

Method 8: Steam method

Nettoyer une peluche à la vapeur

For this last method, you need to have a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner at home. This method is for moms who are in a hurry, but want to give their kids a clean plushie. You will also need some white vinegar.

Here’s how you should do it:

  • Get the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust on the fur of the plush. When this is done properly:
  • Take a steam cleaner and run it over the lint to remove all the dirt that sticks to it. You can repeat this action several times to be more sure.
  • For extra care, spray the lint with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

How to keep the plush intact, when it is not in the machine?

With a lot of care, your child will find his stuffed animal as it was and all clean. It also helps to keep your child comfortable while cleaning the plush.

These tips will help you take care of the stuffed animals you wash:

  • While drying, shake the stuffed toy to make the surface and stuffing soft and fluffy, and to restore its shape before washing.
  • After washing, wrap the plush in a dry towel to avoid scratching the surface. This is essential for down comforters.
  • Daylight is the best solution for drying a light-colored toy. Avoid putting it in contact with sunlight.
  • Hairbrush to brush the comforter makes it even softer and silkier to touch.

Conclusion on how to clean a plush toy that is not machine washable?

The methods we’ve recommended are safe for your child’s health and their stuffed animal. These tips consist of using natural products with mostly homemade ingredients that are suitable for children. So, even with repeated weekly cleaning, you won’t risk damaging your child’s toy.

Just to be on the safe side, test the product you use on a small area of the stuffed toy first. We are talking about cleaning products here. And we’ll say it again: it’s very important to clean your child’s stuffed toy. This is to ensure that they are safe from germs and that they are a pleasant toy to look at and touch. Daylight is the best way to dry a stuffed animal instead of keeping it indoors.

If cleaning a stuff ed animal causes your child to have a fit, there’s no need to upset him. To avoid this hassle, plan to buy a duplicate comforter or stuffed animal so that you can substitute it for the dirty one. This way, you’ll have peace of mind when cleaning up and your child will have peace of mind with his other stuffed animal. You can also choose a nap time or a time when your child is playing outside to wash the stuffed animal.

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