How to choose a plush toy for a baby boy

How to choose a plush for baby boy?

As a transitional object par excellence, the stuffed animal or doudou is a reliable and warm companion that plays an essential role in your child’s development. And if they are naturally attracted to stuffed animals, it’s primarily because they create a certain fascination in them that leads to an avalanche of hugs and confidences. In […]

How to choose a sleeping bag

Plushies for sleeping : How to choose one ?

Cuddly toys have always had this undeniable power of attraction on the little ones. Toys for children par excellence, these stuffed animals often represent an animal. Soft and stuffed, they are the best companions for big hugs in the morning and evening before going to sleep. Their fabric composition is comparable to the scent of […]

Cleaning a lint

How do I clean a plush toy that doesn’t go in the washing machine?

Today we are going to teach you how to clean a plush that does not go in the machine. Whether it’s by hand, dry, or any other way, that’s what we’re going to suggest. So, get ready to take notes and find out the different ways to take care of your child and his stuffed […]

make a plush toy

How to make a plush toy?

Making a stuffed animal is one of the privileged moments you can share with your child. To reinforce your complicity, and create a bond between you; but also to teach him new things. Moreover, by doing this, you can personalize your child’s stuffed animal. In this way, you will make him happy to have a […]

Choosing a plush toy

How to choose a plush or soft toy?

Did you know that the first cuddly toy was made by Margarete Steiff, a German woman who started producing stuffed animals in 1880, using the leftover fabric from her uncle’s factory. Since that day, it has become a very popular and sought after toy for children and adults alike. It is used as a gift, […]

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