Top 10 teddy bears

Children are very demanding little men. They have preferences and tastes that are sometimes beyond our imagination. They are demanding in almost everything: food, clothing, but especially toys. Toys are essential for their development and growth. As a favorite toy of children, we can rank at the top of the list: teddy bears. The teddy […]

How to wash a reversible plush? Uncategorized Uncategorized how to wash a reversible plush 3

How to wash a reversible plush?

Washing your child’s reversible plush is like taking care of them. These stuffed animals are so precious to them that you will make them happy. Likewise, caring for a stuffed animal is caring for the health of your children. These toys can become a veritable nest of germs as your children drag them around. At […]

peluche pieuvre reversible

Where to buy a reversible octopus plush ?

If you were told: buying a toy for children what would you think of? You would probably say: get a good quality toy at a good price. Today, in this article, we offer you everything you need to find the right reversible octopus plush. It is not only to have the most beautiful toy, but […]

Peluche pieuvre reversible pour votre partenaire

Offer a reversible octopus plush to his/her partner

Being thoughtful of someone doesn’t have to mean doing something grand. It is enough to do small things that matter to the other person. Well, between lovers it’s the same, you don’t need to give a gift with a priceless price. Your attitude will be more than enough and is more revealing than material goods. […]

jouer peluche pieuvre réversible

Understand your child using reversible plushies

When you are a parent, you put everything about yourself on the back burner and put your children first. There is no more frustrating situation for parents than not understanding what is happening to their child. Parents worry about their children all the time, it’s biological and human. They even worry about everything, whether it’s […]


Why buy a reversible octopus plush?

Cuddly toys are the beloved companions of our children. They can’t be separated from them wherever they go. Whether it’s day or night, our children want to have their stuffed animal at their disposal. For a long time, children and stuffed animals will be the best friends in the world. Moreover, stuffed animals have always […]

recycling broken lint

How to recycle plushies?

When we talk about recycling stuffed animals, we immediately think of our children’s comforters. Today, we are going to help you do what is necessary to avoid throwing these toys directly into the trash. Sometimes we are concerned that our children have too many soft toys in their possession. Then, sooner or later, they will […]

knitting with a child

How to knit a stuffed animal?

Knitting a stuffed animal delights everyone. We think that knitting is an activity reserved for our elders. Think again, it’s a trendy vintage, but also very practical. A bit of culture is necessary to better understand this attractive and efficient art. Originating in Japan, amigurumi is a creative hobby that consists in making small animals, […]

storing lint

How to store your stuffed animals?

Cuddly toys are invaluable to children. Not only are they their companions, but they accompany them throughout their childhood. Indeed, these toys need to be given more importance. On that note, parents should take care of these valuables of their children in the same way as the other valuables in the house. In this case, […]

wash a stuffed animal

How to wash a stuffed animal?

The methods we propose on how to wash a plush are the most effective and used by moms. Grandmother’s method used since always or new method, but equally effective to have a clean and disinfected plush. You will be satisfied with your work, but also with the health of your children. We always ask ourselves […]

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