wash a stuffed animal

How to wash a stuffed animal?

Lavage de peluche

The methods we propose on how to wash a plush are the most effective and used by moms. Grandmother’s method used since always or new method, but equally effective to have a clean and disinfected plush. You will be satisfied with your work, but also with the health of your children.

We always ask ourselves several questions concerning the maintenance of our children’s toys: how to clean them? How often should they be cleaned ? Are we using the best way to do it? All this to make them happy. This is especially true for their soft toys, which are indispensable during the day and inseparable from them at bedtime.

In this article, you will find the answer to all your questions and you will no longer find that cleaning your children’s favorite toys is a chore. On the contrary, you will have fun doing this household task that we have always considered difficult.

What cleaning products are best for washing a child’s stuffed toy?

produits nettoyants

When we wash our children’s clothes, we have to consider the cleaning product we use. Well, it’s the same for their stuffed animal or blanket, since it’s a toy they carry around with them all day. They chew them, chew on them, caress them… So we must use products that will not have harmful effects on the health of our babies and children.

The best products to use

It is necessary to know how to choose products which are adapted to the hyper sensitive, the hypoallergic and obviously which smell good. We quote you these some natural products and those transformed which do not deteriorate the health of your children.

  • Coarse salt
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Flour
  • Clay
  • Fabric softener
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Shampoo
  • Neutral soap
  • ..

How to wash a plush without damaging it?

This question is one that every parent asks. How to wash a plush without damaging it. First, you have to read the label of the toy and follow the instructions. There you can see whether you should wash it by hand or in the washing machine. How long the washing should last and which products will be best for the type of toy.

When you have done all this, check a small part of the plush beforehand to see which product you intend to use. This way you can be sure that the toy will not be damaged.

Some tips to take care of your plush toys when you wash them by hand:

We offer you the following tips to take care of your plush toys when you wash them by hand:

  • During the drying process after disinfecting if necessary and washing, always shake the plush to make the surface and padding soft and smooth, and to restore its original shape.
  • Use daylight and not sunlight for drying. Which is more suitable for a light colored toy and so it will always look like new.
  • Use a hairbrush to brush the comforter so that it regains a pleasant, soft and silky touch. The same can be done for furry stuffed animals.

What to check during washing

To avoid a disaster after washing and end up with a clean but damaged plush, you should consider :

  • Check that the plush has no accessories, such as clothes, small objects in the hand, which could rub off in the wash
  • Repair any tears, holes, and loose seams that need mending. To prevent them from getting worse in the wash, put the plush in a net or pillowcase.
  • The weather, as the sun must be out if you don’t have a dryer. In order to make sure that the plushie dries as well as possible and fast enough so that your child is not grumpy when he asks for his toy.

What are the most effective washing methods?

The cleaning method depends mostly on the information on the toy. And once you’ve chosen the products that are best suited to your children’s stuffed animals and that are safe for them to use. It’s up to you whether you wash it by machine or by hand.

Tips for those who choose to hand wash

This method is ideal for small and recent stains or to keep the toy in the best condition. So it does not require a long time or an inconvenient separation for the child. We suggest these methods that do not require much preparation and will not cost you a fortune.

The different methods of hand washing

Methode de lavage de peluche

Method for a comforter

This is your child’s favorite and inseparable object. Its cleaning must be done with the greatest care. Here is one of the methods to wash his blanket.

  • Put the dirty toy in a cotton bag.
  • Put an appropriate amount of coarse salt.
  • Close the bag and shake it hard.
  • After a few minutes, the toy is clean and we see the salt turn black.

It is good to know that the use of salt, i.e. sodium chloride, helps to absorb the dirt because of its strong disinfectant effect. It not only cleans the toy, but also effectively kills bacteria and viruses at the risk of contaminating your children. Afterwards, you will have a clean plush toy that will not harm your baby’s health.

Washing method for a plush toy

  • Sprinkle the plush with a lot of terre de Sommières.
  • Leave it overnight or for a few hours, depending on the size of the stain
  • Clean the plush with a washcloth moistened with soapy water.
  • Rinse with a wet mitt.
  • Then a dry glove to dry.

Here the “terre de Sommières” is a stone reduced in powder. It is a 100% natural clay that is safe for humans and children.

Method to clean a giant plush

Because of its size, washing a giant plush requires patience and energy. However, it is not impossible to wash it by hand. All you have to do is:

  • Clean the giant plush by applying crushed potato pulp to the toy.
  • Let it dry overnight.
  • The next morning, gently brush the big plush with a stiff brush if it has hair, otherwise just let it dry.

Baking soda method

  • Pour the baking soda and flour into the bag.
  • Put the lint in the bag.
  • Wait at least 5 hours before taking it out and then brush it.

Baking soda helps to fight against small bugs and is a great ally for the sanitation of our environment thanks to its effectiveness in cleaning. Moreover, it is often wiser not to kill all the bacteria, since there are those that are useful.

It takes a certain amount of care to ensure that your child’s blanket or stuffed animal is returned to the way it was before the great cleaning journey. And that they are soft and smell good for a new adventure with their owners.

Opt for machine washing

For even more cleanliness and to take care of your children’s toy, you can first wash it by hand before putting it in the machine. This way, you can remove the stains by yourself and then just put it in the machine for more cleanliness.

Even in the washing machine, you need to know some cleaning method:

Washing a plush in the machine

Lavage à la machine

First of all, you should check the seams of your plush before putting it in the washing machine. It is also wise to check if the toy is decorated with accessories so as not to damage them.

The damage could be quite annoying for your child and especially for the toy to be in good condition. If ever the stuffing should escape from the teddy bear, then there you have to be good seamstress. Then you are ready for the washing:

  • Put the stuffed animal in a pillowcase or a laundry net. To avoid any inconvenience or incident.
  • Add liquid wool detergent or a few drops of shampoo.
  • Add fabric softener.
  • Put the lint in the pillowcase and put it in the washing machine.
  • Choose a program suitable for delicate fabrics, i.e. 30°C and a light spin (400 to 500 rpm). This depends on the label of the toy, otherwise it is better to wash it gently and for a long time so as not to damage the color or the material. And thus keep the toy in the same condition as it was.
  • Let the plush air dry outside on a towel is the most ideal. But you can also put it in the dryer, always long lasting to keep the lint intact.
  • Brush with a clean hair or nail brush for furry lint to give the fur some pep and volume.

How often do stuffed animals need a wash?

Washing your stuffed animal with the proper method should be done on a regular basis. Especially if you want to keep your child healthy. Because this stuffed animal can drag it everywhere he goes, when he is at the daycare, or when he goes to the park, even in the whole house and sometimes he takes it in the street..

It is therefore preferable to do a cleaning and disinfection every week if your child can’t part with it wherever he goes. Otherwise, for babies who are in their crib, in your arms or in the nursery, cleaning can be done 2 to 3 times a month.

For older children, washing their blankets may not be done on a regular basis, but when you or they think it’s time to wash them? There you can start to make them responsible to take care of their toy by themselves and so they can make it part of their daily task. Also, you will have a break to relax, but still it requires supervision, because it is never good to leave children alone with cleaning products.

How do you get your child to accept the wash?

A comforter or stuffed animal carries the smell of home with it, which your child takes with him everywhere. It reminds him of the smell of a familiar and secure environment. This toy is your child’s favorite toy, and he even considers it a friend instead of just a toy that can be ripped from his hands. So what can we do to avoid the screams and tantrums when it’s time for his toy to be washed? No need to panic! Today, we offer you our best tips for washing your cuddly toy in complete serenity.

Keeping the little ones calm

The best option for a calm and peaceful wash is to buy a stuffed animal in several copies. In this case, you can wash one of the plushies while the other one keeps your child company. Here, you will have a way to swap the clean plush with the dirty one. This method is beneficial to soothe your child, but also to decrease your cleaning frequency.

But if you haven’t thought of this idea from the beginning and it is no longer possible to have more copies of the toy. You can also wash the comforter when your child is at the nursery or at school if he does not take it with him. However, this should be done when the weather permits. If when he comes back, the toy is not in its place, it will be another problem. But if everything goes according to plan, your child will have a clean, new toy in his arms.

Other useful tips

Apart from these methods, you can also wash your favorite toy at night when your child is sleeping. In this case, be careful to take into account the drying time. And that your child does not wake up at night asking for it, because then he will feel betrayed and lost in your action. This may be insignificant for you, but it can have an emotional and psychological impact on your child. But the best thing is always to talk to him and let him know that his cuddly toy also needs a shower.

One of the best ways to wash your child’s little companion is to make up the excuse of a group bath. This involves arranging with all the moms in the nursery to wash the comforters on the same day. Then, when your child doesn’t have his comforter with him, he will be the same for the other children so he won’t feel alone. This method will help him not to be dependent on his stuffed animal. And you can use the excuse that his stuffed animal has gone on an outing with all his friends.

How to convince the older ones to give their stuffed animal to be washed?

It is also possible to use the child’s bath time to wash the cuddly toy. So we will simply explain that while he is washing, his toy also needs to shower. But in this case, it is necessary that you are with your child during the cleaning so that it is even more reassured and that it claims by itself that you wash its plush in the future.

Finally, if your child is already old enough to understand and is more compliant. You can explain to him in simple words that washing the stuffed animal or blanket helps to kill germs and limit the entry of diseases inside his body. You can explain it as a kind of precaution that he himself does when he takes a shower or when he goes to the doctor when he is sick.

Conclusion on how to wash a stuffed animal

Children’s stuffed animals are real nests for germs because they take them everywhere. Regular washing is therefore highly recommended. So we take care of our children, but also of their friends. That’s why washing a stuffed animal is essential and necessary. Not only to keep it clean, but for health reasons (for disinfection). So, with these simple, effective methods that won’t take you much time, you will have an easier time convincing your child. And it will also help you to persuade your children to keep their stuffed animal so that they don’t ask for a new one. Besides, when his is like new, he will appreciate it longer. From now on, it will be easy for you to give your children the joy of seeing their blanket or plush toy clean and as good as new.

But if you still decide to go to the cleaner. Make sure that the cleaner follows all the instructions on the label. If, unfortunately, the toy is not in the same condition as it was, make sure that you will be compensated or that you will be offered the possibility to replace the defective one with a new one. In this case, your old toy should not be a limited edition, because you will have more trouble finding a new one. There is nothing more satisfying than to be served by yourself in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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