jouer peluche pieuvre réversible

Understand your child using reversible plushies

When you are a parent, you put everything about yourself on the back burner and put your children first. There is no more frustrating situation for parents than not understanding what is happening to their child. Parents worry about their children all the time, it’s biological and human. They even worry about everything, whether it’s their health, their studies, their daily actions… Well, the same is true emotionally. It is unthinkable for parents not to know the feelings of their children. No parent wants to see their children feeling unwell and helpless.

On top of that, children have a hard time expressing their feelings. The different feelings they have are incomprehensible to themselves. So the difficulty of making themselves understood becomes even greater if they cannot be reassured by the parents. To face this situation and help your children, you can suggest the ideal and adequate solution. So, today, parents, you don’t have to worry anymore. This solution is not a miracle solution and it will not cost you a fortune.

Since the creation of the reversible octopus plush since the creation of the reversible octopus plush, children can communicate more easily with their parents. With a simple gesture, children show their feelings without saying a word. To be able to help and soothe your child, that is to say to understand him better, this reversible plush is the solution. In this article, we help you take a step towards your child to grow emotionally and mentally. Thus, giving your children a reversible plush toy will help them live in harmony with the different feelings they have. And you will understand why a simple toy can do so much.

What is a reversible octopus plush?

Qu’est qu’une peluche pieuvre réversible

The reversible octopus plush is an octopus-shaped plush toy. It has rounded tentacles and an adorable face. It is made of a high quality material: cotton and polyester. It is especially suitable for those who are concerned about the health of the most sensitive and the environment. Such a soft plush will never bother your child. It is very easy to take everywhere you go. But also, it does not require much maintenance for its cleaning. You won’t have to worry about the difficulty of cleaning, because it can be washed by hand or machine.

With its adorable shape you will definitely fall in love with it, especially your children. They will want to take it with them wherever they go, and since it comes in different colors, it is unisex. You can buy it at a very affordable price, even though it offers great options. And you’ll have no trouble finding it in the toy section of It is a toy full of originality and cute at the same time, it helps the whole family to communicate better.

The reversible plush is a plush that has two different faces. It has two expressions: joy and displeasure or sadness. This toy has an entertaining and therapeutic role that has helped many families for some years now. It is available in large and small sizes to suit everyone’s taste. It is especially helpful for children who have difficulty expressing themselves and letting others know how they feel. It is also suitable for adults. But it is especially the children who need this plush the most. Because they really need to be understood or to be understood.

How can you get to know your child better with the help of a reversible plush?

The psychology of the child

  • Children from 2 years old: the child uses only 2 words like: me hungry… because he has still only 30 to 50 vocabularies in mind and has only 2 to 3 minutes of his time to concentrate. In addition, the 2 year old likes to move around all the time.
  • From 3 to 4 years old: the child discovers colors. His ego is still very important. He only listens to what he is told or ordered. Even if he repeats the same sentence several times, he only has 900 to 1600 vocabulary, for a concentration time of 5 to 7 minutes.
  • 4 and 5 years old: he becomes more interested in what surrounds him and often asks the question: why? He is always on the move. But the most important thing to know is that he doesn’t like competition at all at this age.
  • Then, at age 6, he begins to enjoy writing, he starts to develop socially. He admires and seeks the company of his peers. His concentration increases from 15 to 30 minutes, and the “me” gradually decreases to make room for others.
  • At 7 and 8 years old: the child becomes boisterous, curious about everything, asks questions about everything, refuses authority and orders, but also copies and repeats everything he sees. At this age, it is very important for him to surround himself with friends. He concentrates a little longer than before.
  • Finally, from the age of 8 to 9 years the child develops a certain personality. A personality that reflects your education and the environment where he grew up. And when he is older, you must do the same to know his feelings.

Why understand our child?

comprendre son enfant

We, the grown-ups, sometimes have a certain difficulty to be understood by our children. This happens especially when we want to express strong emotions like joy, sorrow, sadness, anger. Faced with this, we can ignore our feelings or put them off until later, if we do not find the right solution. Well, our children are not like that. They need to be understood to help them develop in a healthy way. Imagine then, how difficult it will be for your little ones to talk about their feelings. Because they don’t know how to describe what that feeling is. It’s hard enough for them to talk at all or to be heard.

Understanding your child’s personality and mood

Understanding your child will not only give your family peace of mind, but also a sense of fulfillment for themselves. A child needs to grow up in a healthy environment. So, even if he is the one doing the crying and tantrums, he is waiting for a solution from you. So when you do whatever it takes to make him feel better about himself, he’ll feel more comfortable letting you know what’s going on. That’s why we’ve given you some insight into your child’s personality.

So that when he is sad or happy, you know how to interact so that you don’t make him even sadder. But to make your child even happier than he already is. In both cases, you gain your child’s smile, but you and he have taken a step toward understanding. Understanding and communication are the foundation of the relationship that will make your child a successful person.

Imagine the feelings that overwhelm them and the misunderstanding, they will be frustrated. And your children will feel frustrated and neglected in the most difficult situation of their childhood. That’s why it’s important to understand them. So that they don’t feel like they’re on their own and that they can only rely on these imaginary or stuffed friends. This way, you will help them to grow up as normally as possible, but also you will avoid screams and repetitive crises. Reversible plushies are one of the ways that will help you to do this. Because, with this plush, talking is not a must. When you give your child a reversible octopus plush, you are letting them know its usefulness. Plushies are just a tool, but you still need to be there for your kids.

What to do about your children’s behavior?

After a hard day’s work, if you hear your kids crying, it’s hard not to break down. Well, take a breath, grab his reversible plush and get into action. On top of that, you already have a notion of the psychology of young children. So, you have the methods, the tools to help them and you will have a fulfilled family. Because, you can understand it thanks to this one and face it correctly. Whether your children are sad or happy, you adopt the appropriate reaction and action not to disturb their childhood. But, you also had the opportunity to give him a stuffed animal as a sign of your love for him.

Buying a reversible plush toy is a good way to understand your child. By giving him this toy, you can let him know how to use it: the smiling side for happy days and the sad or angry side for sad days. He can then simply turn the plush toy over to let you know how he feels. In this case, he doesn’t have to say anything, he just has to show his stuffed animal. So, based on the face of the stuffed animal he shows you, you know what action to take.

Since you already have a notion in psychology, you just have to offer the solution to the problem or give it more happiness. So, knowing how a child is at this or that age, you know what to do. You will be proud of yourself for doing the right thing. In short, with the help of the reversible plush you will understand your child, while adopting the right behavior by acting appropriately.

How to use the reversible plush?

Comment utiliser une peluche pieuvre réversible

We are going to suggest you: how to use the reversible plush to really understand your child.

  • Therapeutic plush

As you well know, the reversible plus h is used mainly for therapeutic purposes. Especially to help children who are introverted and have difficulty expressing their feelings. Feelings that are not necessarily negative. Children have this difficulty of expression. The reversible plush is one of the most effective ways to do this. With its double-sided smile-sadness, your child only has to turn the plush toy over to express his feelings. It’s made of super soft fabric that will make your child want to pet and hug it all the time.

Help your child express their feelings instead of bottling them up. Step by step, you can help them understand that it’s important to know how they feel. For younger children, it’s normal for them to express themselves only through the reversible stuffed animal. But gradually you can make them say what he feels. This your children can do always with the help of their plush. Because it would be very difficult for them to abandon a faithful friend for years.

  • Toy and everyday companion

Since the reversible octopus plush is a toy, it is meant to be played with. Nothing can stop your child from having fun with it. It is made for that: to put a smile on the face of children, its texture is resistant. So it will withstand the busy days of your children. So, by pleasing them with an adorable new toy. You’ll be able to solve one less problem: your child’s misunderstanding. Your child will grow up in a quiet environment where he will be happy to express himself all the time.

Making the stuffed animal available to your child

To allow your child to have this plush toy by his side all the time, you put it on the bed or as a decoration. Since it’s more than a stuffed animal to them, your kids need their soft friend around.

  • On the bed

The bed is the easiest place to put the stuffed animal. But if your child is used to taking their stuffed animal with them, the bed will just be a place where it will follow them while they sleep. However, the bed is the most intimate place in a room, because most of the child’s time is spent on it. Whether he is happy in the middle of a sleepover with friends, or sad and snuggled up in his comforter. This is the perfect place to put his everyday hero: his reversible octopus plush.

  • For decoration

However, you can make a special place for his reversible octopus plush. A place at the height of your children, because it is for him to take the plush when he can not express himself. So you can use a small shelf where you can put the stuffed animals. With time, you can make it a soft toy collection shelf. This will give style to your child’s room. Even he will be happy to put his friend back home when he does not need his help. So, by this method, it will be easier for you to ask your child to part with it when the time comes. He will have the octopus plush in sight, but will not be dependent on this toy that helped him so much in his childhood.

Conclusion on understanding your child with reversible plush toys

You now know how to better understand your child. All you have to do is to use the reversible plush. When your child is still very young, you can use it as a blanket. As your child gets older, he or she will be able to use this to express their feelings. For parents who want to understand your children’s feelings, this stuffed animal is for you. You can easily find a reversible octopus plush on Buying this plush is not like going to a therapist or seeing a psychologist. Yes, this plush will not cost you as much as a session with a professional. Even the maintenance of this plush toy will be easy for you. You can even create a special moment with your child while taking care of his friend.

In short, when they are little, children only know their little person. They don’t know why they react to a certain situation. However, they like to watch and listen to everything around them. Therefore, your children expect from your reaction a life conduct. They like to copy the older ones, but they also expect the older ones as a support, a protector. So when you set the example for them to follow in using the reversible plush, they will usually do so. Your children will love this plush that consists of turning both sides at any time. It can be presented as a game, but also as a means of expression.

We hope this article has helped you understand your child while using the reversible plush. Thus, you can share this method around you, but especially bring a new way to help and love your children. So know that it is essential to understand your children. But as they are still very young, your way of acting with them will vary with their age.

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